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Luis Sevillano Guitars

Post by dvrosa » Wed Sep 26, 2007 2:13 pm

Ok, this might be a long shot, but has anyone heard of this Mexico-based luthier? I bought one of his guitars in college for about $450 and I have to say I couldn't have made a better choice as a student with limited funds. I think I would have spent at least $1000 on anything comparable. It's not particularly sturdy, and the intonation is a little loose, but for a guitar so inexpensive I always felt it had a very expressive, sweet tone and great projection. All my teachers were surprised after playing it when I told them the price.

I'm now moving on to a much higher quality instrument (long overdue), but I'll also never part with this one. If my kids ever want to learn, I'll never find it's equal for the price. I'm curious to know if anyone knows any way to contact this luthier. I've seen pics of his guitars through web searches but never an official site or contact information. Wondering if he's still putting out new instruments, if he's honed his art, etc. Additionally, this old guitar (96) needs some work, and I'd like to have the original luthier take a look.

Pepe Vergara

Re: Luis Sevillano Guitars

Post by Pepe Vergara » Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:42 pm

Don Luis Sevillano was born in Paracho, Mexico, and moved many years ago to Tijuana, Mexico. It is very easy to go to Tijuana from San Diego or even Los Angeles. I have been in his shop and seen his work. It is very good work. The last time I was there (about 6 years ago), couple of teenagers were sanding some guitars. I presume they are his nephews or so. He is well known in LA, and he has made guitars for years. He has copied many of the famous guitars (mostly steel string), which were sold by LA area dealers. He makes classicals too, cuatros, and mostly all kind of stringed instruments.


Re: Luis Sevillano Guitars

Post by dvrosa » Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:52 pm

Pepe -

Thanks for that info! I don't suppose you have some contact info. If not, I'll keep sleuthing the internet. I'd love to get in contact and see what his work is like these days.


Re: Luis Sevillano Guitars

Post by Matingas » Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:00 am


i own a paracho guitar. it might've been made by Luis Sevillano himself. and I just moved to Tijuana. This is GREAT news since I'm looking for a new guitar.

I will be looking him up.

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