Ana Vidovic and Giacomo Susani at Kings Place at 8 pm on 27th October

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Ana Vidovic and Giacomo Susani at Kings Place at 8 pm on 27th October

Post by Fretful » Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:29 pm

In the genetic poker game it has so clumsily devised, nature can all too often be jealous and possessive of the gifts it generously bestows with one hand but withdraws with the other; on rare occasions, through some inexplicable distraction or haphazard generosity, it deals a miraculous hand in a grand scheme that slams its colours to the masters of good fortune. Two beneficiaries of such liberalities are brought together on the same night on the same stage at Kings Place at 8 pm on Saturday the 27th October 2018 (see details from their website below): perhaps Ana Vidovic and Giacomo Susani were born during some systemic astronomical alignment or were secretly imported from planet Krypton? Either way, the gifts they overwhelmingly bear will be offered to the London public later this month; a few seats are still availabe, but not many!

There’s not much more that can be said about the career of Ana Vidovic or of her capacity to break hearts and box-office records in equal measure; few musicians could, as she does, live up to the elated reviews she has accumulated; if there is about her is one thing about which the professional guitar world unanimously agrees, it is her outstanding consistency. Some will doubt that so much talent could be contained in such a well-made vessel; cast away such distrust and do not be put off by the good looks which some sceptics suggest as being irritatingly evocative of Disney or Rapunzel … and yes, there may well be the dithyrambic introduction and the saccharin syrup of an unpersuasive greeting to “… a wonderful audience …” as well as feigned surprise at finding “… such a full house …” But if the verbal treacle does not glue you to your seat, her playing will through the fairy tale magic of her left hand magnificently synchronised to the fluid sensitivity and forthright digital expertise of the right. Her programme includes Bach, a composer whose concoctions she serves with unfailing epicurean expertise.

As if this were not enough for one evening, she will be preceded by one of the top talents of the nouvelle vague which irrigates the fertile ground on which the current generation of guitarists thrive: the Italian Giacomo Susani is part of the elite Julian Bream Trust, has collected many prizes around the world, and recently scored the highest mark ever recorded in a final exam at the Royal Academy of Music. His refined musicianship blends virtuosity with power without a trace of showiness or vulgarity. Of particular interest will be his rendition of the Tate Sonata specially written for him by the Polish composer Marek Pasiecszny; it evokes four art works exhibited at Tate Modern, fully exploiting a wide range of traditional and avant-garde sonorities. Susani will be playing a rather exceptional instrument lent him by the Cavella Foundation; those who enjoy the logistics of the luthier’s craft (*) will be fascinated by this guitar whose top is so thin that it visibly pulses to an alarming degree, sometimes giving the impression that it might implode. As it hasn’t done so since its birth in 2013, we may rest assured that the instrument is in safe hands!

(*) Matthias Dammann is renowned for his double-top guitars which have power and clarity, but he has recently been able to achieve the same performance from instruments made with exceptionally thin single tops and it is one of those which is owned by the Cavella Foundation.

The Big Night of the Guitar

Join us for an unmissable evening featuring Ana Vidovic, London International Guitar Competition 2016 winner, Giacomo Susani, and the Eurostrings Young Stars.

Main concert: 8pm

A magical night of the guitar which includes a performance from the YOUNG STARS. This is a guitar ensemble consisting of the winners of 14 European Guitar Competitions and Festivals as part of the Eurostrings project funded by a grant from the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

This 15-minute concert also includes a new commission from Léo Brouwer and a new IGF commission by leading English composer Gabriel Jackson. This is followed by a 30-minute performance by Italian guitarist Giacomo Susani, the outstanding winner of London International Guitar Competition 2016. The programme for this part of the night includes Girolamo Frescobaldi, Fernando Sor and Marek Pasieczny: Tate Sonata (dedicated to Giocomo Susani)

The concert will conclude with a performance of one of the greatest guitarists in the world, the incredible Ana Vidovic. Since winning her first international guitar competition at the age of 14, Ana has enjoyed a successful international career playing all around the world, and we are delighted to welcome her back to the UK. The programme for Ana’s performance includes JS Bach, Joaquin Rodrigo and Heitor Villa–Lobos.

London International Guitar Competition (LIGC): 6 – 7.15pm

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Re: Ana Vidovic and Giacomo Susani at Kings Place at 8 pm on 27th October

Post by Fretful » Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:23 am

The concert was sold out but two seats have become available.

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Re: Ana Vidovic and Giacomo Susani at Kings Place at 8 pm on 27th October

Post by UKsteve » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:41 am

I was in the second row with my wife; a friend a few rows back.
I've been at the IGF competition final for the last few years and always enjoyed it, so the decision to hold the final immediately preceding a main event was interesting: It certainly boosted the numbers attending (which have sometimes been sparse).
We all managed to predict first, second and third correctly (not always the case!). As ever, the standard was very high but distinction between the participants was possible with a reasonable ear. I felt the last contestant's focus on modern repertoire over all of his three pieces probably did him a disservice: the others showed more breadth.

I can also say that Giacomo Susani has developed considerably since I saw him win a couple of years ago; superb player.

Ultimately though, the reasons why Vidovic is rightly regarded as world class were evident the second she started playing. Almost Williams-like levels of technique combined with fabulous feel and interpretation....and her two-finger tremolo up close! We've seen her previously and she is terrifically consistent. She doesn't do "off-nights"? As before, my only criticism is that her repertoire is too predictable. Seriously, do we really need to hear Granada, Capricho Arabe and Asturias all in a single set yet again, even if so superbly played? This was largely an "educated" audience after all; it's not the Royal Festival Hall.

To sum up, a great night out but we were all exhausted by the end. Running the competition finals into the "Big Night" felt a bit like too much of a good thing; hours and hours of guitar. At least I'm not at the Masterclass this AM, unlike my pal.

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Re: Ana Vidovic and Giacomo Susani at Kings Place at 8 pm on 27th October

Post by milchmanuk » Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:41 pm

hi does any one know who won the 2018 igf.?
I agree with some of the comments above, o took my son and has not heard some of the terraga material so it was a first for him,i was pleased to hear her play J.S.BACH. NICE AND CLEAR AND PLEASING TO THE EARS. WE WAS IN THE BALCONIES SO THE SOUND ROSE TO US AND WAS LOUD especially the AUDIANCE CLAPPING AND CHEARING lol......they where deafening!

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Re: Ana Vidovic and Giacomo Susani at Kings Place at 8 pm on 27th October

Post by jonny-mosco » Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:46 am

Yes, it was Emmanuel Sowicz (UK) - a very musical performance, Bach's BWV 1002 was exceptional. As UKsteve commented, we all guessed it would be him.

I also attended the masterclass by Ana Vidovic, she was great, but limited by some of the players who hadn't realised what a masterclass is and therefore hadn't prepared. Perhaps next year the organisers should explain what is required. Sadly a lot of her comments didn't go beyond basic advice on posture and positions, I had hoped for some gems from her on interpretation and musicality.


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