El Columpio by Tarrega, help please

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El Columpio by Tarrega, help please

Post by quavers » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:12 pm

I recently came across this piece in a collection of Tarrega pieces that my wife bought for me. Most of it flows quite naturally and I really want to add to my repetoire, but there are a few problems. And as always, I go to You Tube to watch people considerably more talented than myself play the piece.

I found a YouTube posting of Victor Vidovic playing the same piece. It revealed how badly I had butchered it and provided some ideas as to how to approach the more difficult passages.

That said. The 17 through 18th measures and the 24th and 25th measures are absolutely maddening. The fingerings in my copy do not look exactly like those that Vidovic uses and his motion is linear and fluid.

Can someone break down what is going on here, left and right hand. I have tried to imitate him but these passages while looking very simple on paper present a few subtleties that I am not picking up on. I have been able to pick up my speed a little, but something seems to be impeding my progress.

Can someone who is familiar with this piece provide me with some insight as to how to get through those measures. I have repeated them many times and something seems to be very awkward in my execution :?

Thank you

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