Notation Software? Which is most user-friendly?

Theory and practice of composition and arranging for classical guitar, discussion of works in progress, etc.
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Theory and practice of composition and arranging for classical guitar, discussion of works in progress, etc.

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Post by danno » Wed Apr 05, 2006 5:16 am

Finale is the most comprehensive.



Thanks for your comment!

Post by olenaval » Wed Apr 05, 2006 10:00 am

Thanks, ttguitarist. Now, I have 2 more to look up. Will check them out.

Ken, thanks for your valuable input. My music education is sound but will forever be a student. I will never be a professional. But, I take pride in what I produce, whether they be simple chores or complicated building designs. The way I look at it is in this manner: I can do all these things manually, like the old engravers did. If I buy software, therefore, this task should be: 1) easier and faster and 2) should look about the same as a handmade piece of work. The MIDI part is just icing on the cake-- the cake has to taste good.
I have never quite been happy with sounds produced electronically, although some are quite interesting and must say that electronic keyboards have approximated natural sound quite well, including depth and pedal effects. So the Midi part just helps with timing.

My objective is to learn notation via computer, convert files and edit them for my personal use. The latter, is where computer notation must come in handy. In the case of notation for the guitar, I need to be able to put the fingering nicely. As I believe fingering and fret assignment have a great effect on the desired "emotion" in music.

With the demo's I have tested so far, editing the fingering and positions can be done by Lilypond better... And so far, the print out looks closest to a manual engraving. Alas, it is quite tedious, as I have tediously said before.



Hi Danno

Post by olenaval » Wed Apr 05, 2006 10:03 am

Hi Danno. Would you know how to put fingering and/or string assignments on Finale? So far, I have not figured this part out in the demo.

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