Pernambuco, João - Grauna - Video

Audio and video recordings of romantic and modern music (1850-1940, e.g. Albéniz, Barrios, Coste, Mertz, Llobet).
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Title format: Composer's surname, forename - op.xx/xx Title - tags (if known)
e.g. Granados, Enrique - op.37/05 Andaluza - D09 Video
or Ságreras, J. S. - op.19 Maria Luisa - D04 (For more than one forename, just give initials.)
or Ságreras, J. S. - 1/49 Lesson (One digit for lesson-book / two digits for lesson.)
or Anon. - Samba Lele - D03 (Use Anon. for all anonymous or traditional pieces.)
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Pernambuco, João - Grauna - Video

Post by Desperado » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:49 pm

New strings! Haven't played this for years but seemed to pop into my head for some reason - not sure if the notes are in the right order :(

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Re: Pernambuco, João - Grauna - Video

Post by Lawler » Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:53 pm

I like it!

I wish the audio was more detailed because the playing deserves it.

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