Arcas, Julian - Tango - Tab

Our arrangements of public domain works or our own compositions for classical guitar as PDF, GIF, PNG ou JPG attachments. These must be tablatures which we have created ourselves, with all necessary care. Since tablature is too imprecise in the expression of polyphony, it is compulsory to include a version in standard notation along with our tablature. Tablatures taken from the internet which we have not produced ourselves will be removed without warning.
Forum rules
Title format: Composer's surname, forename - op.xx/xx Title - Tab - tags (if known)
e.g. Albeniz, Isaac - op.47 Sevilla - Tab
or Quantz, J. J. - op.02/02 Duetto - Tab Duo (For more than one forename, just give initials.)
or Anon. - Packington's Pound - Tab (Use Anon. for all anonymous or traditional pieces.)
Username may replace Composer's surname and forename for your own compositions.
For Giuliani the opus number should be 3 digits (op.048) and for Bach the BWV number should be 4 digits (BWV 0820).
For more details see instructions here.

A version in standard notation must be included.
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Arcas, Julian - Tango - Tab

Post by Marieh » Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:30 pm

Tango n°4 Julian Arcas-tab.pdf
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Re: Arcas, Julian - Tango - Tab

Post by attila57 » Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:54 pm

Thanks for the tab. Were you using musescore? I find the new version (2.2) very nice for creating tabs - even multi-line tabs. I think including a tab version is definitely easier than all those superfluous fingerings (or all those headaches about in which position to play a passage). OK, it's definitely a satisfaction to be able to figure out difficult guitar scores, but a tab is so much easier... And saves precious time.
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