William Gilbert Guitars

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William Gilbert Guitars

Post by powermrk » Sun Jan 27, 2019 3:47 pm

I think we all know the great reputation John Gilbert had as a classical guitar luthier. His son, William, builds under his own name and has so for more than twenty five years.

I would like (if there is a chance) to purchase a John Gilbert's guitar and am wondering about the son as an alternative.

Has anyone on this forum owned or played William Gilbert's guitars?

If, you have played both John and Bill' guitars, could you make a comparision on the sound quality and playability (the differences)?

Any opinions would be welcome...thanks!

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Re: William Gilbert Guitars

Post by msa3psu » Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:25 pm

I play a 1992 Gilbert that has John's label and Bill's signature on the label and on a top strut. This guitar was probably made by Bill but with John's help and John's stash of materials. It is in every way identical to other exclusively signed or labeled John Gilbert's from the late 80's to early 91 when John was still making guitars. The workmanship is excellent and John is known to have said often that Bill's workmanship was better than his. It has Gilbert tuners, the pin saddle, the dished out bridge, bracing, binding and purfling that are typical of John's guitars of the period. I have only played one other John Gilbert but have heard others live and this guitar is very typical of the Gilbert sound which I characterize as loud, bright and very neutral with amazing singing trebles. The clarity is almost to a fault in that it forces you to play clean as every sound is heard.

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