Antonio Picado 60


Antonio Picado 60

Post by gluve95 » Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:13 pm

I know some of you own or have played to Picado 60. Can you give me some feed back. And if you can compare it to the Anos 125. That would be helpfull. I saw a post somewhere else that they maid some of the remierez guitars. I know I have posted a lot of these question the last few weeks. And I do appresiate all the help. I REALLY AM GOING TO BUY VERY SOON

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Re: Antonio Picado 60

Post by chelson » Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:24 am

Have you done a search? Now we share a same thread title.


Well, that's all I can tell you about Antonio Picado 60 from my thread.

Personally felt, buying Guitar is like marrying a wife. It may be wonderful for me but irritating to you. There are people who believe a $1000 guitar wins a $10,000 one. There are people who think a $10,000 guitar is still not good enough.

So, choose wisely. As I mentioned, I believe in playing, not buying. There is never one best guitar out of the same price range, but there will always be a better one around outside from what you are comparing.

I had chosen to order a Antonio Picado guitar is based on their reputation and price. My mind was set when I made the order, and would take whatever they had made for me despite some minor flaws here and there, I would just keep that forever. I had never treated Guitar like an object to use and sell, but with passion and love. Although I will still eyeing and drooling on other "pretty girls" too, as they passed me.

Now, I have fallen in love with it. Antonia Picado, thank you all for making me a lifetime companion!

Hahaha, think I'm too obsess to my AP60. Hard to give you any good feedback beside describing my point of views. Happy considering!

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Re: Antonio Picado 60

Post by gluve95 » Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:15 am

Thanks For your input. In the end it will come down to what feels right and sounds right to me. But there is something kind of nice about a guitar from a small shop Spanish of five builders rather then a big factory. I tried a Anos 125 this past Sunday drove 3 hrs to try it and was disappointed. But other people here seem to like them. Although I think I am leaning towards a spruce top now. I played a spruce top Cordoba C7 at the same store. While it is not even in the same league as the Anos it sound and feel just intrigued me, If anyone one is looking for a guitar in the $500.00 range this would be a real front running sounded shockingly nice for the price. I may just have to take a 13 hour drive to Philly and go to The Classical Guitar Store. They seam to have a large selection of nice guitars under $3000.00 :merci:


Re: Antonio Picado 60

Post by FrankB. » Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:20 am

I bought a Picado 60 from the CG Store in Philly about 6 years ago. It sounded and played great. I bought it, and drove home (30 minutes :wink: ). I bought a new set of strings, and immediately began to change them. The lighting at the CG Store isn't great at 5pm during February, and I didn't see that there were several splits in the fretboard until I removed the strings: they pretty much ran under the strings, from the 14th to 17th frets! I was nearly about to loose my mind, and emailed Bob that night. Bob responded immediately, telling me to bring it back Monday morning. I don't know if they've changed their humidity control problem there, but my hygrometer read around 25% when I brought the guitar back.


Re: Antonio Picado 60

Post by ferafers » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:52 pm

I have bought an Antonio Picado 60 in January 2012 as my very personal present for my 50th anniversary. I chose that guitar after spending almost one hour in a one of the room of the music shop here in Brussels.
During that session I played extensively the 60 model and the 62 one. The latter costs almost 800 EUR more than the 60. But for my 50th birthday I was decided not to care too much about the budget. Just choising the one I liked more.
I must confess that I am not such a good player but I have always been playing for pleasure since the age of 14 without having ever taken any class.
Resumé after one hour of playing the two models: I was very close to buy the 62 model because it sounds better; More deep and really you get the impression to have to do with the "real concert thing".
But I found somehow the 62 model more difficult to play. With the model 60 i had immediately that kind of feeling that you are made one for the other. Very easy to play very complete at all the frequences, in short: for my level a perfect guitar.
I am playing it with a lot of respect in alternance with my old Suzuki 34 (my very first guitar bought in 1976) which I still consider a very good guitar for the price I paid.
So "que viva Antonio Picado" and its guitars

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Re: Antonio Picado 60

Post by George Crocket » Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:02 pm

Hi Paolo.

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Re: Antonio Picado 60

Post by jeg9755 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:50 am

I have owned two Anos 125s, one cedar top and one spruce top, but my go to guitar is an Antonio Picado C-1. I can say unreservedly, the Picados are the best guitars for the money. The Model 60 is Picado's top of the line guitar with an Indian Rosewood back. The 62 and C-1 are virtually identical but come with Brazilian Rosewood sides and

The Anos 125 can be a very pleasing guitar, but both of mine required professional setups in order to be playable. The real difference is in how they are made. The Ramirez Anos 125s are contract manufactured for Ramirez and are built to a price point. All the Picado models are built, from beginning to end, by a single luthier in the Picado shop. The difference can be seen in the details and consistancy. You may get a good Anos 125, but you can be sure
you will get a good Picado 60. I would not buy a Ramirez 125 without trying it first.

I have been so impressed with the Picados that I've spent a lot of time corresponding with Anotonio Picado through his son David, as Antonio likes to communicate with English speakers through David. What is interesting is that Antonio got his start back in the 70's working at a Barcelona guitar shop that did a lot of contract manufacturing of studio model guitars for Ramirez. When that shop closed, he started his own. Antonio is an artist and master with wood. He rejected the assembly line methods of his former employer, convinced that a single luthier made for a better guitar. Up until last year Antonio personally selected all the wood used in his guitars and did all the finishing. That passion for a single luthier making the best guitars for the money has now been passed on to the other three luthiers in his shop.

All Antonio Picado guitars are made to order and only about 20 guitars are made a month and there is a big demand for them. If you are still looking, there is a new Midwest dealer in St. Paul, MN that has a Model 60 spruce top guitar.

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Re: Antonio Picado 60

Post by lagartija » Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:13 pm

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Re: Antonio Picado 60

Post by Pentti Kotilainen » Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:09 pm

Hi gluve95 I don't know if you have bought already a Picado or some other guitar, but here is my short comment on the issue. I have owned an Antonio Picado 60 now roughly 1.5 years. I’m not an expert on guitars or their qualities, but I have been very happy with this one. Just as Chelson, my decision to buy a Picado is also based on their good reputation and price.

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