Yamaha CG192s or Alhambra 4p?

Ho-Jin Song

Yamaha CG192s or Alhambra 4p?

Post by Ho-Jin Song » Sat Apr 27, 2013 5:42 pm


I am using Yamaha C40 for now. It is a good guitar, I think.
I had no problem with playing any score, but when I play tremolo, C40 can not produce proper sound.
I can play quite even and clear tremolo, it sounds just different.
I wonder if it's my technique problem or guitar problem.

Anyway, I want to buy a new and better guitar now.
Two guitars are in my mind; Yamaha CG192s(800 AUD) and Alhambra 4p(1160 AUD).
I read the post about CG182's buzzing issues, and another internet info says similar problem.

I don't have a good eye for a nice guitar. As I know, yamaha has quality consistency in products.
Price is not a problems, can someone compare these two guitars?


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