Solutions to crossword puzzle

Word games to exercise the brain and develop improvisational skills.
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Solutions to crossword puzzle

Post by Les Montanjees » Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:04 am

Here are the answers:

1. DELCAMP—Odd LED lights up tents for meeting place (7)
5. BRIDGE—Put a saddle on a big red mule (6)
7. MUSICSTANDS—Gets up after crazy American microphone to hold scores
10. STRINGTENSION—Rings for tea, causes angst. Heated discussion on forum! (6,7)
12. ETUDE—Alien sort of ready for study? (5)
16. CAPO—Toss your hat in the ring if you want to raise pitch! (4)
17. INDEX—It's all in the cards - play with it (5)
18. DADGAD—Good heavens, father, what kind of tuning is that!? (6)
20. ALIFEONTHEROAD—About a guitarist who kept a file on the oarsman as he practised (1,4,2,3,4)
22. FOOTSTOOL—Fools to twice put their weight on it (9)
26. PONCE—Mexican composer lived off immoral earnings? (5)
28. METRONOME—Little person gets on Paris underground without g-string but is still on time! (9)
29. ARPEGGIOS—Pig's ring gear broken, up and down (9)
30. TREMOLO—You'll need to practice a lot more to produce this sound (7)
32. GAS—Feed your need with oxygen (3)
34. SCALES—Class is ruined by introduction of electronica. Need practice (6)
35. TEACHER—You need the care to unravel your practice problems (7)
36. RAMIREZ—Sun god shines on space station, sounds easy for guitar (7)
37. DOVETAIL—Sounds like a bird story after smoking a joint! (8)
38. MEDIUM—Psychic gauge


2. LEGATO—Show a leg at the Office. Smooth! (6)
3. ANAVIDOVIC—Victory without try and via a mixed-up player! (3,7)
4. CASE—Legal procedure gives protection for prized possession (4)
6. ROSEWOOD—You have to saw timber, I hear, for back and sides (8)
8. STUDIES—Start standard turn on side if you want to improve (7)
9. LUTHIER—Sounds like her old axe is broken. Can she fix it? (7)
11. SPRUCE—Top looks very dapper (6)
13. SADDLE—Melancholy, heartlessly diddled over string support (6)
14. SOR—Composer starts to apologize (3)
15. INTONATION—Enter country but don't fret if bridge is in wrong place! (10)
19. BAR—Bra for containing notes? (3)
21. NUT—Food, mad or support (3)
23. OVERTONES—Will ring in tons ever muddy the richness of a string? (9)
24. LAMINATED—Aim for dental treatment for your back? (9)
25. BRACING—Nothing like a brisk walk along the clifftop for a bit of support (7)
27. CAFE—Say your piece over a cappucino (4)
28. MODERATOR—This rodent is after a method, or might get censor! (9)
29. AUDITION—Aussie diction drops letters. Makes you nervous (8)
31. PULGAR—Topless, vulgar. Play piano instead with thumb! (6)
33. SCORE—A crow croaks madly from the songsheet (5)

So how did you go? If you can't figure out some of the clues, just post here and I'll reveal all. Hope you enjoyed the challenge.


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