Bridge with inlays

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Ricardo Meirinhos
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Bridge with inlays

Post by Ricardo Meirinhos » Thu Sep 12, 2019 6:10 am


I am working on a Torres Replica SE153. This model is exemplary made by luthier John Ray.
I never made bridges with inlays of mother of pearl. This will be my firt!

What do you think about:

1- The inlays must made after the bridge is almost ready?

2- Do you think it is brtter to use a some jig for the router?

Here is the picture of the ultimate goal

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Michael Lazar
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Re: Bridge with inlays

Post by Michael Lazar » Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:40 pm

If it were me, I'd make the diamond a little shorter so that there will be some clearance between the dots and the bevels at the ends of the arms and the edge of the tie block ( see adjusted photo). I really think it would look better, especially at the ends of the arms where the bevels appear to meet the inlays. The bridge arms will need to be brought down to thickness (about 3mm) and left flat. You can route the receptacles for the dots on a drill press using a mill bit, a fence and stops. Use 1/4" dots and a 1/4" bit. The diamonds can be routed with a Dremel and an inlay base. I don't think you can get a jig in there so you may have to do it free hand and finish with knives and chisels.
Bridge inlay.jpg
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ernandez R
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Re: Bridge with inlays

Post by ernandez R » Sun Sep 15, 2019 2:29 pm

I did some sharp pointed diamonds on the top of my #5 and really it was all about makeing a set of diamonds first then laying out the same on the base wood and using a sharp chisel. Of course I practiced on a scrap of suitable material first to get my groove on.

Actually, I made 1/4 squares on my #3 first. There are a handful of fotos on my Mk-III build thread which might be of some help.

I hate sanding wood or anything else for that matter I just happen to be good at it...

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