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Use of the Luthiers forum

Post by GeoffB » Tue May 15, 2018 5:23 pm

This clarification is issued as a result of moderator discussions on the allowability of certain threads in the Luthiers forum.

Obviously Luthiers will want to share their building experiences with other luthiers, both via "build threads" showing methods and work in progress, and sometimes with illustrations of finished guitars to show what has been achieved. This is of course acceptable.

There is sometimes a fine line between the latter and threads which appear more aimed at advertising the finished product and its workmanship to the wider membership, with a view to sales. Under the forum rules, commercial self promotion is only allowed in the Members' Announcements section, so threads which appear to be soliciting sales should not be posted in Luthiers.

Any thread intended to solicit business from the wider membership will be moved to Members' Announcements. Threads intended as a sharing of interest with other luthiers will be left in the Luthiers forum, but any posts on those threads asking about sales, or responding, will be removed, to preserve the non-commercial nature of the thread.
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