Seperating Fretboard!

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Seperating Fretboard!

Post by llamanna » Wed Nov 22, 2006 2:24 am

:( Could any-one please advise me on how to repair a LaPatrie (handmade in Quebec) concert model? The fretboard has seperated slightly right at the 12th fretbar and up to the 17th fret area from the top (soundboard), only on the top string side. As well, there is a hairline crack on the heel running parallel with the fret board. I can take photos just don't know how to post them. :(

Please advise what glue and clamps to use etc. if you can help. It's not an expensive guitar, about $450 new, but I have a personal attachment to it, and it sounds very rich. Every time I pick it up (daily) I hear a small tick like its coming apart, or maybe I'm paranoid it will and am hearing things. :shock:

I had a Toronto guitar shop quote me about $200 to repair it and no gaurantee.

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James Lister
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Post by James Lister » Wed Nov 22, 2006 9:53 am

Really need to see some photos... I'm a bit worried about the crack in the heel, if it's really making noises when you pick it up, I would recommend loosening off the strings as the tension will tend to open this up further...


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