Neck Angle Validation.

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christopher beebe

Neck Angle Validation.

Post by christopher beebe » Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:47 am

Hello, I have drawn a new set of plans for my current build and I just want some of your opinions/recomendations before continuing. My solera is dished to a radius of approximatly 15' between the tail edge of the sound hole and the tail end of the guitar (not a true 15' radius, more like a tear drop shape), this gives me 3mm at the saddle. My plan will give me 10mm string height right in front of the bridge, 3.5mm top E and 2.5mm bottom E at the 12th fret, 3mm top E and 2mm bottom E at the 1st fret. Given these specs and a 1/4" thick fret board my neck angle is 0 degrees. On my last classical I used a negative neck angle of 1degree which ended up being positive 3mm at the nut. Does anyone see any flaws in my current dimentions? Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Neck Angle Validation.

Post by Jeff Highland » Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:18 am

well for starters
- you appear to be using top and bottom e string opposite to common usage
-your figures for 1st fret clearance are excessive, for the purpose of this calculation I just assume that the strings leave the nut at fret height.
if your rims are flat and your dome is 3mm high at the bridge and neck angle is zero i calculate string height at the bridge as below.
-3mm for dome
+6.5mm for fretboard
+1mm for frets
+6mm for 2x average string height at 12th
-1mm for neck relief

so that would give you 9.5mm above the soundboard
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