Carulli, Ferdinando - op.241/22 Video

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Carulli, Ferdinando - op.241/22 Video

Post by powderedtoastman » Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:20 am

Here's a little piece that I break out from time to time.. maybe don't quite have it memorized but I'm very comfortable reading it as I play to fill in the gaps.

In my opinion, the point of the D-minor part of this etude is largely about muting the basses. When the bass note falls on the second or fifth 8th note beat of a 6/8 measure, my belief is that we should value that note strictly as an 8th note and be sure to mute it on the next beat.

When the bass note falls on the first or fourth beat (the beginning of each triplet), we may have more license to decide if we want to cut it short like the others, or let it ring. Because I've focused so much on stopping bass notes with this piece, it's actually a bit of a challenge to get myself to let these ring out longer, so that's what I've strived to do.

Hope you all enjoy!

EDIT -- this is number 22, not 20. So I've tried to change the title, we'll see if it takes...

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