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Giuliani, Mauro - Study

Post by BFGuitar » Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:12 pm

Well, I was so bored that I learnt two studies.

This is a fun study by the Great Mauro Guiliani (who is much greater than sor in my opinion!)

Please criticise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by Løød » Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:24 pm

Nicely played! If you really want me to criticise you, I'd say you should work a little more on getting it fluent. But it was indeed nice! :D


Post by BFGuitar » Tue Jun 27, 2006 12:43 am

lol who doesnt want critisism :p


Post by glitteringtop » Tue Jun 27, 2006 1:01 am

a couple of squeeks, a couple of notes not ringing out. I'm sure you hear it as well as I do. not being familiar with the piece I dare not criticize further. a composition professor once told me that the best composers write music that is easy to play but sounds hard. I find this is true of Giuliani. often, Sor is just the opposite (sounds easy but is rather hard to play)


Post by BFGuitar » Tue Jun 27, 2006 2:48 am

Yeh, this is quite an easy piece, but soudns impressive. Good to show my rock buddies 8)


Post by homayoonsaleh » Tue Jun 27, 2006 10:00 am

Good job, thank you for sharing this piece with us. keep up posting and let us enjoy your interpretations.

I can not say which one is better, sor or guiliani, i enjoy the music of both of them. Both of them have made a great service to the world of CG and without their studies, masterpieces, etc. there was less improvement for us.

Happy Guitar


Post by mike_hudson » Tue Jun 27, 2006 11:49 am

BFG ~ this is a great little study, and you play it well - love the tempo ! It might be something within my reach to learn. It reminds me of some of the other studies that sound great but are not too difficult to eventually learn. Thanks for posting this one - really enjoyed it.
:bravo: :casque: Mike


Post by Pierre » Tue Jun 27, 2006 5:25 pm

very well played BFG! It does sound impressive

I love both giuliani and sor, I wouldn't say one of them is greater since their works have a very different style

thank you, Pierre :casque:


Post by BFGuitar » Thu Jun 29, 2006 5:29 am

Its sounds hard for people who dont play CG but reallym its soo simple hehe

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Post by moramajor » Wed Dec 20, 2006 11:27 pm

Yes, it seems to be simple to play but the interpretion that worth its value... So, myself, used to play this piece but a little bit slower. I liked that tempo tough.

Paulo César - Brazil
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Post by pacfan » Sat Mar 10, 2007 8:38 pm

This is a short piece but with a punch. You played it very clearly and evenly, both which are the main objectives of a study piece. Nice work, BFGUITAR. Did I 'hear' you're 18 or so? boy, if you keep it up you'll be a great guitarist by the time you're in your 20's. Keep it up! :D :D :D


Post by Mark004 » Sat Mar 10, 2007 9:54 pm

I've never heard this before, could anyone point me in the direction of a score if possible?

Very nice study, and nicely played, thanks, Mark

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