Barrios Mangoré, Augustín - Julia Florida - D08

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Re: Barrios Mangoré, Augustín - Julia Florida - D08

Post by lagartija » Sat Feb 25, 2017 3:02 pm

Julian Ward wrote:Lovely sound Largertija. :) It's a beautiful piece and one I never learned. I see so many people play it, perhaps I should.
Thank you Julian, it is a beautiful piece, isn't it?
It is a love song, a lullaby. That is what I think of when I play it.
It is an emotionally powerful composition to me, and that means I am quite willing to use it as a tool to refine my playing by diving in deep and discovering the things I have not noticed previously and playing phrases over and over to get them to sound the way I want.
That recording is a snapshot in time, and is already out of date. In a month's time, I will make another recording that reflects the work I've been doing.
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