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Jean-François Delcamp
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D05 Classical guitar lesson 10

Post by Jean-François Delcamp » Tue May 24, 2016 9:37 am

Hello everyone,
Please start by downloading the latest version of volume D05.
If you are new to the course, please read this message to familiarize yourself with the conditions for participating in the lessons. You should also read the first message in lesson 1, where you will find advice on how to make the most of your study time and on the methods of practising that I recommend.

Now we're going to work on a series of exercises:
- pages 152, 153 Francisco Tàrrega (1852-1909) Estudio en la mayor n°101, Estudio en mi mayor n°102.

Today we'll look at 4 pieces.
- page 26 Anonyme Se Io M'accorgo ben d'un altro amante
This piece is made up of 3 phrases of 4 bars each. The second and third phrases begin with an upbeat on the last eighth note (quaver) of the preceding bar. Each phrase is divided into two parts of two bars each. The first part of the phrase gathers momentum, suggesting a crescendo and possible accelerando. The second part of the phrase falls away, suggesting a diminuendo and allargando.

- page 64 Dionisio Aguado (1784-1849) Egercicio 19
A very good arpeggio exercise. I recommend that you practise it with the fingers of the plucking hand placed on the strings, as I demonstrate in the following short video.

The passage from bar 7 to bar 8 requires a little-taught technique. Many editors simplify the passage by making the F# which begins bar 8 an octave lower. The solution that I suggest involves using the second finger as a pivot finger. This holding on of the pivot finger is indicated in the score by a broken line linking the last A of bar 7 to the first A of bar 8.

- page 88 Julián Arcas (1832-1882) La Saltarina
This polka-mazurka is based on a phrase structure of 4 bars. Julián Arcas learned the guitar using Dionisio Aguado's method, and later became the teacher of Francisco Tarrega. Julián Arcas bridges the gap between the classical and modern periods. He would also go on to compose in the popular style of his country, the flamenco.

- page 120 Jean-François Delcamp (1956) Prélude n°1 en ré mineur
An arpeggio study in D minor which requires a lot of rubato. Use accelerando to accompany the reduction of intervals within bars. Many bars begin with an interval of a tenth or a sixth, and end with a smaller interval, like a fourth, a third, or a second. You will be pleased to know that bars 14 and 15 serve as a short respite. I particularly like this interlude which fits nicely into the study without dissolving in it. To lead back into the repeat of the first 8 bars, I devised a little "springboard" in bars 27 to 29 from a ninth chord on the dominant (A 9th).

I ask you first to work on all these exercises and tunes for a week and then to upload your recordings of:
- page 26 Anonyme Se Io M'accorgo ben d'un altro amante
- page 88 Julián Arcas (1832-1882) La Saltarina

Good luck!

We have reached the end of this year of studying together. I am intending to resume next year.

My thanks to the students, to Geoff for his splendid translations, and also to Carl Westman, John Montes, Rich (oski79), Marko Räsänen and lagartija who have enabled these courses to run so smoothly.

I wish you all a good summer. See you again soon.


Eric de Vries
- page 26 Anonyme Se Io M'accorgo ben d'un altro amante
- page 88 Julián Arcas (1832-1882) La Saltarina
:( + ♫ = :)

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Re: D05 Classical guitar lesson 10

Post by EricKatz » Tue May 24, 2016 1:30 pm

Hello fellow students,

As usual, some background information on lesson 10.

Anonyme - Se Io M'accorgo ben d'un altro amante
Some of you will recognize this piece. It was an additional piece in lesson 8 (D04). There's only a slight difference in the last bar(s).
"Se io m'accorgo ben mio d'un altro amante" was a popular song that was sung by a vocalist and accompanied by one or more instruments. This version is an orchestration for the lute. It's from a manuscript from the 16th century with a collection of lute pieces, acquired and transcribed by Oscar Chilesotti.
The title means something like: "If I find out that my sweetheart has another lover..."

Dionisio Aguado (1784-1849) Ejercicio 19
This exercise is part of Dionisio Aguado's New Guitar Method, first published in Spanish as the Nuevo Método para Guitarra in Madrid in 1843.
The second part of the book contains 20 exercises ('ejercicios', not egercicios as on page 64; although the Spanish 'j' is pronounced as 'g') for the right hand and 90 exercises for the left hand. Of course this Ejercicio 19 is for the right hand. Aguado emphasizes: "All the notes of the sextuplets should be given equal tone and value." So no rubato!
By the way, it's nice to know that Julián Arcas learned the guitar using Dionisio Aguado's method.

Julián Arcas (1832-1882) La Saltarina
La Saltarina means a woman (or a girl) making jumps (female acrobat). Here's the comment from the Soneto-edition of Arcas' complete works:"Its subtitle polka-mazurca is a bit strange. The polka has a binary rhythm; that of the mazurka is ternary, however. Moreover, the polka is of a less melodic nature than the mazurka.
La Saltarina is written in 3/4 time, has a binary form (2 sections) and is written in the key of A major. It substitutes the characteristic rhythm of the mazurka with two eight-notes, and at certain times dotted eight-note sixteenth-note appears. Section B is written in D major, subdominant of the key. A "D.C." must be played in order to return to the main key."

Jean-François Delcamp (1956) Prélude n°1 en ré mineur
This Prelude in D minor was written in 2006 and is dedicated to one of the moderators of the Delcamp-forum (Eric aka wchymeUS), who helped to translate the online lessons from French into English.
Does Jean-François Delcamp need an introduction?
Here's how the voice of the master sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ij0kjOu ... 3BD1F2124E
Jean-François Delcamp was born on the 16th of October 1956 in Nice and began studying the guitar at the age of nine. A few years later he became a pupil of the guitar master Berthie Compostel, then of the masters Alberto Ponce and Alexandre Lagoya. He won the international guitar competition of Milan in 1981 and got the first prize for interpretation in the Concours International de Guitare de l'UFAM (Paris,1981).
In 1981 Jean-François Delcamp founded the guitar course at the Brest Conservatory of Music, Dance and Drama. After 35 years he's still teaching there.
Not many forum members will know that he played bass, guitar and lute in the progressive rock band Halloween from 1990 to 1993. [On Spotify you can find Halloween's album Merlin, with JFD on guitar, lute and bass.]
In 2001 Jean-François Delcamp created "Delcamp.net". Nowadays he is an enthousiastic ocean canoer.

We now have come to the end of the D05 lessons 2015-2016. Time to say "Merci beaucoup" to professor Delcamp. Thanks for all the work you've done to create this forum and these very usefull on-line lessons!

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Re: D05 Classical guitar lesson 10

Post by EricKatz » Tue May 24, 2016 1:34 pm

Here are my submissions for lesson 10. A bit early because my holliday trip is about to start. :D
As usual comments are very welcome!

Anonyme - Se Io M'accorgo ben d'un altro amante

Dionisio Aguado - Ejercicio 19

Julián Arcas - La Saltarina

Jean-François Delcamp - Prélude n°1 en ré mineur

Hope to see you all next year at the Spanish forum for the D06 lessons :bye:

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John Montes
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Re: D05 Classical guitar lesson 10

Post by John Montes » Wed May 25, 2016 5:02 am

Eric - Thanks for the gem's of background information, and the info about JFD and Halloween :-)

You've been pretty busy practicing and recording these pieces, they were enjoyable to hear

Enjoy the summer and some well deserved time off.
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