D02 Classical guitar lesson 05

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Re: D02 Classical guitar lesson 05

Post by Bill Davis » Fri Mar 13, 2015 5:21 am

Archit Junnarkar wrote:Brian

Thanks for your valuable comments. Your advises really help us a lot every time.

Well, on the C scale you mentioned, yes I played i-m alternation reason being I never looked at the notations in the sheet. I know this scale so I simply looked at the video once and recorded it straight away. It was only after you pointed out that I checked the notations. I agree to your point that we as students need to pay attention to these little subtleties and technical details if we really want to improve.

Well, coming to your pieces, I thought they were absolutely beautiful. I can see there is a remarkable difference in the way you play these days compared with your earlier posts. I think the effort you have been putting in, not just on the practice but also on the other aspects of learning this style, has paid off massively. You really seem to be a player from just another league. It just gives a good motivation to others like me to improve even more. Awesome work on your pieces ! Keep it going.

It seems that we (Brian, Bill, David and myself) are the only four left on D02 this time. Hopefully, we should have some more players catching up. Given the way we all are playing, I am really confident that this time around we are going to do really well in our Final Exam in May. We should settle for nothing less than distinction this time.
Well said Archit. I am always learning from the comments you, Brian and David have made as well as some others early on. I feel we have all made some major improvements and I look forward to making it to the finals. I wish I had more time lately, but I have been stretched very thin. However, I am going to do my best with the time I have to get my pieces developed and recorded. I always look forward to the feedback.

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