[PDF] Woodforde Finden, Amy - Kashmiri Song, Guitar and Vocal - Duo

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[PDF] Woodforde Finden, Amy - Kashmiri Song, Guitar and Vocal - Duo

Post by Adrian Allan » Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:51 pm

This was one of the most popular songs at the turn of the Twentieth century (1902)

Nearly every major vocalist performed it. And rightly so, it is an incredible mixture of the exotic and the lyrical. The harmonies look forward into right into the century - flat nine chords are a staple of what would be called "jazz", as are 11th and 13th chords.

Not only that, how many songs today feature a chord sequence like G#7, C#, G7, G13, C in the space of two bars? (take note, Justin Beiber)

If you do not know the song (what century are you living in?), here is a fine rendition.

The song is out of copyright and became public domain in 1989, and so is the performance.

Please comment on any aspect of the arrangement. I am willing to revise and edit it.
Kashmiri Song Pale Hands I Love You.pdf
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