[PDF] Waelrant, Hubert - Als Ick U Vinde - Quartet

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[PDF] Waelrant, Hubert - Als Ick U Vinde - Quartet

Post by MartinY » Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:32 pm

I have now got Als Ick U Vinde in the computer and what Adriaenssen wrote has pretty horrific dissonances, which are not in the Dowland Consort of Lutes recording! I am been speaking to several people about how to publish these Adriaenssen pieces which all have at least 1 unlistenable error in them, and no doubt if you added the 4 sung parts there would be more. I am going to release scores and midi files of exactly what Adriaenssen wrote, warts and all but also corrected versions which will become the parts. I should support this by a critical commentary which says exactly what the errors are and what processes lead them to occur, for instance, forgetting that you are in A-lute fingering and intabulating as though it was a G-lute, forgetting that the chords must be major / minor in all parts regardless of what the commonest chord on the lute in question is etc.

Therefore what you have here is work in progress. A 4 guitar transcription, up a tone, of exacty what Adriaenssen wrote. I have also used Violin Notation with no separation of parts. This converts automatically into tab very easily on a computer. Just out of interest I have added a 5 part viol clef version of another Waelrant piece in case you have never heard of Waelrant and want to see some more music.........

There is a performance of Als Ick U Vinde on Utube at:

I have now corrected all the errors. The original is for lutes in A, G, tenor E, bass D. As it turns out in this piece, because of the repetitions, which are correct and the context, the corrections needed are unambiguous so have not been notated in the corrected version but will be in the critical commentary on all the lute pieces when I complete it. Parts for the correct version are appended.
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Re: [PDF] Waelrant, Hubert - Als Ick U Vinde - Quartet

Post by MartinY » Tue Apr 19, 2011 8:40 am

I have put in a corrected version and an explanation. There are also parts using capos if you want to experience the same fretboard experience as the original.

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