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Ian Creighton & - Carcassi - Summer Work - Out - No file

Post by Matthew McAllister » Tue Jul 29, 2008 6:45 pm

Hello everyone,

Many of you have been enjoying Ian Creighton's performance of Bourree that I recently posted. I have two performances by Ian to post today.

Ian is making excellent progress this summer with regular lessons and lots of practice.

We have been tackling some Carcassi etudes with the aim being to build up a better level of technical control that can unlock some musical ideas.

Our main focus has been expanding Ian's right hand technique, we have been striving to have control over dampening within the right hand, the ability to clearly bring out various lines within the polyphony of Carcassi's writing and working at sounding and feeling very even with semi quaver passages.

So rather than a flat, one dimesional style of playing we are aiming to have the technical control to vary the articulation, volume and shape of the music.

You should hopefully hear the melodic line in Etude No.19 sitting clearly and comfortably over the other lines, there are also some great examples of staccato bass line playing in Etude No.7. This 'stunning' of the bass line can add another dimension of detail to how a player can approach the voicing of different lines within music.

I have many students of varying ages, and standard, I have added a play list to my You Tube channel specifically for my students to take to the screen and enjoy sharing with you their performances.

I hope that you will take the time to have a look and offer considered and positive encouragement to some very talented and committed individuals.

Here is the link to the complete student playlist:




Re: Ian Creighton & - Carcassi - Summer Work - Out

Post by etherline » Sat Aug 09, 2008 10:18 am

Hi Matthew,

You seem to have some highly motivated students and I enjoyed the glimpse into the future (28/07/09!).

I did notice that there seems to something unhappy about the sound. It seemed like the input gain was too high and there was too much compression. If you are using the 'onboard' facilities of your video camera this is likely labeled as 'auto noise reduction' or similar. If you can switch it off you will hear more easily that you are over-cooking the input. The excessive buzzing when he finishes playing is another clue. Taking the gain down will give you a more natural sound and let us hear more of the dynamics.



Re: Ian Creighton & - Carcassi - Summer Work - Out

Post by Rainwater » Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:35 pm

I'm 57, and have been playing for about 10 months. These videos inspire me to purchase the 25 progressive etudes by Carcassi. I now play etudes by Guiliani and Sor....the beginner pieces. It's very interesting how the etude pieces from different composers train the hands. It will be interesting to feel how Carcassi's etudes challenge my playing. Carcassi's music is very beautiful, especially played by your students.
Thank you for sharing.


Re: Ian Creighton & - Carcassi - Summer Work - Out

Post by KIM H. S. » Tue Feb 03, 2009 7:02 am

It's marvellous to see and listen to the same pieces of music being played by other student. About 25 years ago those were pieces of lesson of another student struggling to master. It's me. I learned these from an old master I admire. It reminds me of his straigtforward and seemingly easy left hand fingerings, gnarled right hand and ligaments-prone agile fingers and knuckles. And my haste to play the notes faster (like my teacher).

However, the play of the above student shows that he might be promising and the lessons seem to be successful. Seeing and listening to above posts I can feel the principles and points when teaching and playing these stuffs guided by the teacher. He must be a thourough minded man considerate of his student's characters and talents. I wish good results to you both. Thanks for sharing.

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