barrios Vals op 8 no3

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barrios Vals op 8 no3

Post by emeraldvalley » Mon May 15, 2017 4:08 pm

I have numerous editions of this piece, e.g. Stover,Benites, ,edson lopes, and the one transcibed from barrios' recording by Chris Dumigan
I love this piece as it is very CHopenesque, Before i fully commit to learning it, I wondered if there is some source of Barrios original published music and if this really reflects the real notes he intended or is there room for revisions?, I had read that he did not play the piece consistently the same notation wise .
i always try to be faithful to the composer assuming the score is correct It seems that there is wide range of deviations w recorded modern versions all by outstanding concert guitarists, let alone interpretation. Is this normal fo rsome guitar classical music ? I think Chopin was consistent in the actual written notes, only some interpretative allowance . I acutally prefer the modern versions such as John Williams and Russell , , but i i want to make sure i am being accurate in composer's intention. I would like to play this piece slower with emphasis on the tonal quality and more Tarrega likethan Barrios's recroding , I dont know how much rubato is acceptable in his style. Is there an edition or composite of editions better for certain sections that are best for this piece,?

one question as to fingering in the opening after the intro.... the first time the A Bb A Bb A melody the second Bb is w separate finger so that the underlying chord is held, yet the next two measures iwht the A7 chord , the 2nd finger is taken off the C# in recordings and notation, when the first Bb occurs, which to me troublesome, the only alternative is using 1 finger for both A and Bb, which also has problems executing well My goal is to always keep the top melodic line throughout the piece fluid and avoiding position changes where there is often a slight space between notes.
also in the 2nd section starting at 3rd measure the lower line G#, A, d, e,f,a ,a etc i would like to keep in the same lower octave as it starts

any other suggestions as to mastering difficult passages would be appreciated.
thank you

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Re: barrios Vals op 8 no3

Post by andreas777 » Mon May 15, 2017 5:31 pm

I don't know all the editions and their differences. I play the version that is printed in the book "selected works" where all fingerings (LH and RH) are specified. In almost all cases (99%) I use the specified fingerings for all pieces in that book.
The notes/chords you mentioned are played as follows: 1-0, (1)-2-4, 3, 1, 3 | 1-0, 2-4, 2-4 | 1-3, (1)-4-2, 2, 1, 2 |.
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