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Post by Colm » Sun Aug 28, 2005 10:50 pm

Hi Folks,

I've not long started trying to tighten my timing by playing with a metronome, I have an app for my palm pilot and I also use this online metronome.

Is there any advantage in having a "proper" metronome?

As I'm a computer programmer, I'm just about to start writing a metronome that will allow me to program songs I'm working on, perhaps increasing the timing automatically between each play of the piece. I'll write it for the Sharp Zaurus, but this will mean that it should compile on any platform.

Can anyone think of any other features that they would have in their dream metronome? Plus any general advice on playing to the metronome would be appreciated.




Post by ky-jelly » Sun Aug 28, 2005 11:21 pm

hhhm i think a little voice that says "well done!" when you're finished would be nice :P but other than that i can't really think of much else you can do with a metronome, maybe different sounds?

ooh just thought of one, maybe a sort of hand clapping sound which would be ideal for practicing flamenco...


Post by bwest123 » Sun Aug 28, 2005 11:35 pm

Sounds like a good Idea. I recently started lessons & the first thing my instructor had me do was buy a tuner/metranome. If I could have used my PDA, it would have saved me $30+. I carry my PDA everywhere, so it would have been great to use it instead.


Post by Azalais » Mon Aug 29, 2005 1:40 am

I have a great tab/notation program (TablEdit) that lets you set up a practice session that loops and increases in speed as you play along with a midi file... lets you HEAR how it should sound when each note is played at the correct value... even v-e-r-y slowly. I start with the most difficult sections first and only increase the overall speed as I fix the rough spots. I still find playing with a metronome really distracting :oops: If I can't find a ready made midi file, I enter the piece and MAKE one... that's a good excersise too... you really understand the structure!


Post by allidoisfalldown » Mon Aug 29, 2005 6:46 am

It'd be nice to have some sort of foot pedal to hold down for fermatas. Although that would be a bit too much extra work for something that isn't really needed. Besides, metronomes are more for helping to develop a sense of straight rhythm. I think the foot pedal is a dumb idea.


Post by BalO » Mon Aug 29, 2005 3:35 pm

Nice page you´ve found there.. Excellent!


Post by tenn » Mon Aug 29, 2005 5:20 pm

Try the metronome at

It assumes the first beat is accented so if you want to do complicated flamenco rhythms just ignore the initial beats and you'll be fine.

The only problem I have with it is my computer is in the kitchen and I mostly play upstairs so I generally use my uncomplicated click-click-click little electronic metronome.


Carlos Mario

Post by Carlos Mario » Mon Aug 29, 2005 6:02 pm

i would like a metro that be programable to play rittardando and accelerando if i want(and the fermatas,just said) :!: :lol:


Post by pbbach » Tue Aug 30, 2005 12:09 am

I have a Boss Dr. Beat DB-66 which I love especially because you can have straight quarter or mix in eighth and sixteenth notes to whatever volume you wish. It really is feature rich. I don't recall what it cost but I don't remember it being prohibitive.


Features List

Post by Colm » Wed Aug 31, 2005 12:19 pm

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the great feedback,

I suppose this is actually a programmable metronome that can be programmed for performance. I stopped short of adding - get it to count out loud as a feature because I don't want to stop doing that for myself, but it has a certain appeal ;-)

I've now compiled the following list of features - these are for the sharp Zaurus PDA, so talk about specifics of that hardware, but taking those aside, can anyone think of any further desirable features? I've already got it ticking away, just need to get it's timing straight, then V1 is complete :-)

M produce a timed click
M enter time numerically

S Enter time by name
S Disable display (to save battery)
S optional beep on first beat
S specify number of bars
S play only chosen subset of bars
S allow a bar(s) to be accelerando or decelerando
S allow fermatas to be specified

C Flash the LEDs in time
C programmable pause after song has completed
C save settings by song name
C XML saving format
C increase speed automatically after song
C flash backlight in time
C hand clapping for rhythm (need more info than just timing)

W graphical swing metronome
W read lilypond format for timing/length

I'll investigate the functionality of the Boss Dr. Beat DB-66 - see if I can "borrow" any ideas...

btw the MSCW is the MoSCoW method of prioritisation.
Must have
Should have
Could have


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