Hello from Edinburgh...

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Hello from Edinburgh...

Post by Sonar » Fri May 29, 2015 8:17 pm

I read the guidelines on introductions, so its seems fitting to say a fair bit.

I began playing twenty-seven years ago. I started with bass guitar, because I liked the fact that there were subtleties to the instrument as compared with electric six string. I had three lessons in rudimentary chord theory, and took the info home and studied and expanded and applied all I found out to the six string and the bass - I found subtleties weren't so appealing for a while. Within three years people were asking for lessons from me - which I tried to provide, and have tried to provide on and off for several the last twenty-odd years or so.

Around eight or nine years ago, someone gave me a nylon-strung Hohner, which I played when alone, and grew fond of. I still kind of saw it as a pretend guitar, but I loved to play it itself. I wrote a sombre and soothing piece on it which I recorded, and I'm still proud of it to this day.
Three years ago, I happened upon a tablature transcription of Bach's Air on the G string, and things changed: I saw a whole new appeal to the guitar, and it started to transform itself to me as an instrument... :D

Now, I play my partner's Asturias AST80 and my own Sanchez 1026. My favourite pieces to play are the allegro (fugue) from Bach's 1st violin sonata, many of the Bach solo cello pieces, a rendition I play of Chopin's Eb nocturne - many more.

But recently I have had an epiphany :shock: :
I spent the last year or so searching through strings, and started heading in the modern construction, carbon treble direction - I thought my favourites were Hannabach Goldins, I liked the Labella Argento basses but the D4 wore down too quickly, and I was about to pay for mysterion basses, when I came across Tarrega's 'Lagrima' played on a gut strung guitar. :cry:
I was almost weeping at the beauty of the sound.
I realised then that I had been moving at the opposite end of what I was searching for, in a way. Because I tend put a guitar through its paces, I didn't fancy actual gut lasting more than a few hours, and the sets are expensive, so I ordered a set of Aquila Ambra 900. They are the most balanced set of strings I've come across, and they feel smooth to play, while each note sounds so together and individual and warm. I have them tuned a semi-tone down, but I don't feel like I'll go back now - I'm going to try the Ambra 2000 set next, but I think I've landed near my goal. :wink:

So that's a very brief account of me for now.

I'm looking forward to joining in on this forum - I've consulted it occasionally, particularly this year, and already found it useful.

All the best.

Brandon. :bye:

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Re: Hello from Edinburgh...

Post by Erik Zurcher » Fri May 29, 2015 8:54 pm

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