Requesting information on Tárrega's manuscripts

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Requesting information on Tárrega's manuscripts

Post by amade » Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:47 pm

There is no authoritative edition of Tárrega's works with a critical report on the primary sources. The Soneto edition, edited by Melchor Rodríquez, claims that to have been largely based on "original manuscripts" (meaning autograph manuscripts written by Tárrega), but there is not even a citation of a single source for any piece that he claims are based on original manuscripts (several pieces are reproductions of the printed edition published during Tárrega's lifetime, for which he could not find a manuscript source). Señor Rodríquez has retired and his son has informed me that no further information on his edition is available.

The situation with printed sources is not much better. The majority of posthumously published works by Tárrega have not been properly studied to determine their authenticity or dates of publication.

As far as I can tell, musicologists have not located and identified Tárrega's surviving autograph manuscripts. There may even be questions as to whether some of these manuscripts are really in the hand of Tárrega. Such a study would be complicated by the fact that many manuscripts are probably still in private collections. But until such a study is completed, we will remain in dark about the original readings of works by the 'founding father' of the modern classical guitar repertory and the finest composer of original Spanish guitar music during his lifetime.

So I am requesting any information on Tárrega's autograph manuscripts.

So far, I have found several autograph manuscripts online and in print:

-Preludio in A minor, dedicated to Llobet. "Francesc Tárrega. Preludio. Barcelona, 16 juny 1896. Hològraf. Música manuscrita, 1 f. (23 x 31 cm) in the Biblioteca de l’Orfeó Català, Barcelona." Available online.
-Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 1899, A 5-page autograph manuscript, on sale in Madrid, 2011, at Galeria La Suite Subastas. Stanley Yates has written an informative study on this source and made an edition that is available online. The first and last pages of the autograph manuscript have been reproduced online.
-Capricho árabe, parts of what appears to be an autograph have been reproduced online without citation of the source. It has an interesting variant ending.
-The Walter Leckie manuscripts (published in facsimile); perhaps the largest single collection of Tárrega's autograph manuscripts.
-The Prelude in E minor, called "Lagrima," has been reproduced online but without citation. It seems that more than one copy exists (one was owned by Emilio Pujol), with variant readings.
-A transcription of a segment of the overture from Bizet's opera Carmen (available online, again without source citation).

Any further information you might have on these and other manuscripts would be deeply appreciated.

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