Question about L.R.Baggs Anthem

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Question about L.R.Baggs Anthem

Post by Banks » Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:30 am

Last month is Switzerland I bought Antonio Picado 49 cut, and people from Die Gitarre store in Winterthur installed L.R. Baggs Anthem inside.
It's regular Anthem, not SL Classical. Previously I played Yamaha NCX 700 with Yamaha's own A.R.T pickup/preamp what is SBT type. Last
2-3 years I use lot of percussive playing, in combination with strumming chords, and I was satisfied how this transducer is responsive for
percussion effects - knocking, tapping on top plate. Now, Anthem is better for everything else - arpeggios, fingerstyle, solos etc, more natural
then yamaha, because it has mic inside, but I miss this percussive sound. If I turn mix knob more to the mic side, then percussion is audible
but strumming becomes too harsh. If I turn it to pickup side, strumming is ok, softer and warmer, but percussion is not audible. But even when I
use more mic, and percussion is there - it's not the right sound, it's thin and high, without some "body". So, obviously this ust type of pickup
is not appropriate for this what I need. (It's L.R.Baggs Element, as part of Anthem system). I need combination of sbt pickup and mic. Maybe
I should've bought K&K trinity. Now, anyone have an idea, what to do? I would like to use this Anthem but to replace Element ust, with sbt
pickup. I asked L.R.Baggs about it, to replace it with their own iBeam and to connect it to Anthem preamp, but they are not sure is it good
idea, they answered "The iBeam is a very different pickup from the Element, so it is very difficult to predict how the iBeam will respond in a system that was designed for the Element. The iBeam has a hotter output level, so there is the possibility that it could overdrive the preamp."
Anyone have some experience with Anthem customization? Is it possible to remove the element pickup and to replace it with sbt pickup -
K&K, Dazzo or something similar? And to connect it to Anthem preamp? I'm aware such a combination can become more feedback sensitive,
but it's not big problem, because I don't play very loud, not in noisy band nor over big PA systems.
Thanks for answers and happy holidays.


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