using irig with multiple ios cameras

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using irig with multiple ios cameras

Post by emeraldvalley » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:44 pm

I am just trying this out using a rodes shotgun type mic so that mic is not directly in front of guitar for better visual.
it goes into irig then to lighting port of ipad which is recording video and audio simultaneously . the ipad is about 10 ft away straight shot ( which can be post editied , zoomed and other digital effects) the other videos source is an iPhone 6 on an angle closer to guitar for shots that will show more detail of neck and sound hole fingering aimed closest to body of gtr

I am having someone edit for me and hopefully enhance the audio with some reverb and equalization -- not sure how much can be done with this. using two cameras, in case I have to break up piece in segments, so that transitions between cuts will be more seamless- Has anyone used this system and any other suggestions.. possible 3rd camera?
also has any tried greenscreen technology to superimposed backgrounds especially outdoor scenes where recording quality live may be impaired. I believe recording it first, then simulating it with video separate outside will never be precise enough. as due to nature of gtr music with ebbs and flows in tempos it will be like bad lip synching I can always tell with guitar
thank you Ray


Re: using irig with multiple ios cameras

Post by Mach13 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:31 pm

Sounds interesting.... :o I've used green screening within Cyberlink Powerdirector its fairly straight forward, but depending upon your lighting you can loose parts of your body :oops: shadows are a real pain... it takes a bit of adjustment. There's lots you can do with a single (mono) source on the audio. Its possible to extract the audio from the video and edit the audio separately in a dedicated DAW. Some them (I know mine does) allow you to import the video and edit the audio directly so you don't get too much of a sync issue.

Be interesting to see how you get on...
Wish you well with it
Rgds Mark

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