Legnani, Luigi - op.19 Fantasia - Video

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Michael Butten
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Re: Legnani, Luigi - op.19 Fantasia - Video

Post by Michael Butten » Thu Apr 12, 2018 4:15 am

Martin Bickerton wrote:
Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:12 pm
Nicely played Michael!
I think what you are talking about is a "Flow State" where your fingers seem to know what they are doing, and your mind is clear of distraction.

When you say:
For me, memory slips happen when my mind specifically focuses on things that it shouldn't be focusing on
are you talking about focusing too closely on a specific task (as in Explicit monitoring theory) or getting distracted by random thoughts invading your mind?

Hi Martin, good to hear from you and in glad you enjoyed it!

I'm talking about random thoughts entering my mind, and losing my practice state of relaxation and tensing up because of the situation, resulting in slips and mistakes. I think these are becoming fewer and fewer in my playing now though, mostly because of what I was outlining in my post above.

Marco Tamayo's book, Essential Principles for the interpretation on the classical guitar, is very very good for solving a lot of my mistakes, and one of the main principles is having a finger in contact with a string at all times if possible, whether it be resting the thumb on a vacant string or the a finger on a string adjacent to where i/m is playing. It really makes things feel secure in the right hand, and playing some of those arpeggios which were scary before have become a doddle when I'm aware of those things.

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Re: Legnani, Luigi - op.19 Fantasia - Video

Post by ContrerasMad » Thu Apr 12, 2018 3:07 pm

Hi Michael, Yes, the more information I can glean the better it helps for sure and thanks so much again for all of your input. I have viewed many of your vids on YouTube recently and can confidently say that after seeing your amazing recital of Chaconne, I will never, ever, ever, be able to even approach anywhere near your level....oh and did I forget to say as well that I would never ever, ever, even approach your level either!??
As an aside, it was Taekwondo that I was practicing also. I was 54, a 3rd Dan instructor and had my time in for 4th Dan, when the body started to creak at the edges and at the same time my partner entered my life, who to this day denies she had any influence on my decision to hang up my boots, but that was that!
I will bear everything you have said in mind regarding your comments on memory and am sure will be of invaluable help. :merci:

Guto Vieira Domingues

Re: Legnani, Luigi - op.19 Fantasia - Video

Post by Guto Vieira Domingues » Sat May 05, 2018 10:34 pm

Your playing sounds fantastic! Legnani, Luigi - op.19 Fantasia it is one of my favorites.

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Re: Legnani, Luigi - op.19 Fantasia - Video

Post by jaan » Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:44 pm

Another wonderful performance. You certainly run through your competition rep in some interesting spaces! Seems to pay off, congrats!
Amateurs practice until we get it right; professionals practice until they no longer get it wrong.

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Re: Legnani, Luigi - op.19 Fantasia - Video

Post by Seanx » Mon Dec 24, 2018 3:02 am

very inspiring rendition and congratulations!

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