Hello from Ottawa, Canada

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Hello from Ottawa, Canada

Post by dta721 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:59 pm

Hi all,

As part of the ritual, I can tell a bit about myself to the group. I took "some" classical guitar training in my late teens with a teacher in Saigon back then. The standard method at that time and place is that of Carulli's. It was short, a year or so, however I like it, also looking up a friend who played it so well. From his influence, I like Tárrega and Villa-Lobos :casque: !

Now in my late 50s I just have a bug to go back, and in the process to self motivate, I looked for some good guitar given the local online market such as Kijiji (similar to Craig's List), and actually "acquired" not one, but 2 guitars "made in Spain". One has only a round label seen from the sound hole "BM Made in Spain", the other is my most treasured Almansa 457 circa 2006.

The BM label when looked up the web reveals some info right from this site :)

Unfortunately, the previous users abused it to the point that the bridge had a tiny lift, and the neck was carved with "I always love you" but not in an aesthetic way -like some carving on a tree bark! :( Since I drove like an hour to get to this seller, for 50 bucks Canadian, I may as well bought it, just to see how good it is. I figure I can resell to cover the cost if needs be :). On the way home, I dropped by a local guitar shop to have the bridge fixed with some wood glue, also filing down the saddle to lower the action a bit. Not knowing any better, I agreed with the shop to replace the strings with D'Addario Arte Flamenco, which I found out later a bit high tension, and it took more than a week to stay in tune!! That said, it sounds better than my old Yammy CG-130, louder bass with clear treble. However, I intend to replace a new set of strings on this Yammy to see how well it can "compete", just for the fun of it before selling it (or not).

Now that I learned a bit more about what to look for in a good guitar, and perhaps not totally satisfied with the BM with some markings, I took the plunge last weekend to do an impulse buy on a used Almansa 457, as I really like the sound, not to mention the quality build, and overall a very good value! Before I bought, I tested an old Raimundo 148, then from a friend his Ramirez R4 circa 2005, and thought I like the Almansa 457 better.

I intend to relearn Carulli on my own, back to basics, then will relearn my old songs like Romance (anonymous), Feste Lariane ... One of my goals is to play that Villa Lobos' Prelude one day.

That's about it my classical guitar background.

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Re: Hello from Ottawa, Canada

Post by Erik Zurcher » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:49 pm

Hello David and welcome to Delcamp forum! Enjoy yourself and see you around!

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