greetings from Portland

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greetings from Portland

Post by Klaatu2u » Mon Oct 22, 2018 6:36 am

Hello, first of all my name is Jim and I found this forum by accident while searching on some interests.

My first instrument was the French horn which back in the 60's when i was in elementary school (arbor heights) in Seattle it was mandatory almost that you play an instrument in the orchestra or band. So I've been exposed to playing classical music from a very early age.

In the early 70's... i think 73', mom walked in one day with a guitar and said, here you go. (We had moved from Seattle to Mountain View, Ca.) Your uncle David gave it to me. i was surprised, not just at the gift, but that it was a classical guitar, not a cool electric one! On the old yahoo groups you can see my guitar in the Yairi forum. It appears to be a little unique, it is a "K Yairi" #80. (I still own and play daily) Difficult to put into words what happened the next few years. First off I found all sorts of albums at my relatives homes ... Segovia, Montoya, ... Bream. I was interested in the idea of keeping several lines playable on a single instrument. being young, poor, and lots of time I started transposing by ear what I could, starting from the beginning of my playing guitar, using different right hand techniques.

i was fortunate that given the popularity of electric guitar, there was another guy at high school interested in playing flamenco and classical music.

In the mid 70'd i got a chance to see all y classical hero's at De Anza Theater in Cupertino, CA. Segovia, Sabicas, Bream, Mizra-Kamal, Montoya.back then we jokingly called it 'Stuportino'. 73' Mountain View was mostly orchards, nursery's, stables... about as idyllic a play to grow up as possible.

if you wanted the other music scenes the were so many places ! keystone PA and SF, Winterland, the boarding house, ... and it seemed everyone visited the SF bay area.

Thus began my immersion in pretty much everything except classical guitar.

Then i joined the navy and after getting out of boot camp and assigned my rating I got my guitar from home. It travelled the pacific twice with me.

My goal has never been to be a performing musician, more an avocation. My interests were in electronics, physics, engineering.

In the early 2k i was hit by several brain strokes, twice paralyzed on left and once on right. Still 'undiagnosed' it was for all intents a catastrophic series of events.

Interestingly, though i could barely feel either the right of left, my hands seemed to know where to go, I was playing parts of Semper Dowland!.. this really surprised the doctors! Hope that is an inspiration to all musicians, it's in your brain everywhere and cannot be removed?!

Unfortunately, most of my repertoire was wiped blank. Like going to a book where you know the story and the page or pages blank.

time to start over... i was again inspired by what happened to Julian Bream, i had no idea until i read up on him after my strokes.

I'm finally back to where i can really enjoy playing again. it has taken since the early 2k years but i can now pull of versions of Grenada, Caprice Arabe, Moonlite Sonata, Claire de Lune, ... lots of them.

I like when a score is in both standard notation and TAB, to me it is the ideal teaching tool.

My interests run the breadth. Dowland, Britten, Chopin, ... anything that makes sense and sound interesting and engaging when played, practiced, performed well.

I own a few guitars, the Yairi being the only one that has stayed with me the distance. I have not own a lot of classical guitars. Fortunately where I live there are some great 'brick and mortar' guitar stores (and several luthier) very close.

I've been comparing very expensive to expensive and do I really hear a difference, Looking at the lighter spruce tops as I really like the way the project compared tom my Yairi - not better, just different.

hope this passes muster for a first post?

Thanks for reading and an look forward to reading and enjoying this forum.

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Re: greetings from Portland

Post by Erik Zurcher » Mon Oct 22, 2018 6:49 am

Hello Jim and welcome to Delcamp forum! Enjoy yourself and see you around!

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