Hello From Melbourne, AUS, a new member


Hello From Melbourne, AUS, a new member

Post by Raffinski » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:02 pm

Hello from Melbourne, Australia. My name is Justin Ludeman.

I am a semi-professional musician (guitarist and vocalist), guitar teacher and woodworker (insert 'budding luthier' :roll: :lol:). I retired a few years ago from a 2 1/2 decades long career in science. Nowadays I do cabinet/furniture/guitar making and repair, and play a lot of guitar.
I grow vegetables in my backyard, have two cats and dogs each and some happy chickens, and occasionally I venture outside in order to stay sane/connected. I like reading/watching science-fiction, non-fiction of all types and cooking/eating a great deal. Every now and then I exercise, but usually I exercise my right not to.

At the tender age of 44 I have just realised I've been playing for 4/5 of my life... My musical interests are broad and range from classical and folk idioms, blues, jazz and rock. Often my gigs involve wearing down a bar stool and playing classic pop/folk/blues/rock tunes. Sometimes I play classical guitar at weddings etc... I've recently formed a blues-rock outfit and we're rehearsing like crazy - we want to be good!! and stand out from the generic crowd.

I was trained in classical music as a child (keyboards/cello/vocals) but disliked the regimented pedagogy. At the age of 8 I first played a guitar and the experience of that moment has never left me. I own many instruments, including Alhambra, Yamaha, Cordoba, Fender, Gibson and Cole Clark guitars - they each have a functional and, dare I say, spiritual place in my expressive lexicon and heart.

I am self-taught as a guitarist. However my early musical education enabled me to read and study my way through established methods and I have at times liaised with professional/qualified teachers and luthiers, many of whom are my close friends. I compose music in different idioms often.

Anyway that's enough for now... I trust this is a sufficiently detailed introduction.

I am about to embark on restoring a 1969 700 Model Kairi concert guitar. Does anyone know A LOT about these and their construction (tonewoods/adhesives/joinery/finishes) as I have MANY questions.

Kindest regards to all - J

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Re: Hello From Melbourne, AUS, a new member

Post by Erik Zurcher » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:04 pm

Hello Justin and welcome to Delcamp forum! Enjoy yourself and see you around!

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Re: Hello From Melbourne, AUS, a new member

Post by petermc61 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:33 pm

Hi Justin

Welcome to the forum - a great story. I am sure you will add some interesting exchanges to the dialogue here.

All the best
Peter (Sydney)

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