Hi from Jason, a player in Connecticut, USA

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Jason Kulas
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Hi from Jason, a player in Connecticut, USA

Post by Jason Kulas » Thu Jan 24, 2019 5:23 pm

Hi, I'm a beginner Classical guitar player, in Connecticut, USA. I've lost track of how long learning...a few months? (I took a long break and now re-starting) I love all genres of acoustic guitar music, but Classical is...tied for first with some other genres.

I started playing in college, now it's been a few years, and I'm getting back into it.

I'm self-teaching from the Fred Noad Solo Guitar Playing series. Also have a copy of Yates' "Modern Classical Guitar Method".

I haven't really played any other instrument, other than minimal required music classes pre-high school.

One of my long-term "holy grails" is, besides being able to play some famous Spanish Classical guitar pieces, is to be able to play the music in Fred Noad's Renaissance Guitar book. I heard a performer at a Renaissance festival doing that (on a steel string no less!), and I was in love.

I believe I'm going to be able to play Classical well enough to satisfy myself, and entertain a few family/friends. If I actually got good...maybe perform at some open mic one day. Of course, I'll be trying to be the best player I can be...watch out Segovia, you never know! I'm tall, with long arms, and long fingers, so I ought to be great, right? :wink:

We'll see how the nails go. I tried for long ones years ago, and it was so incompatible with my active lifestyle, it's one of the reasons I gave up guitar.

But then I've read that some people do okay with minimal nails, or no nails, or artificial nails, and I decided I would play the best I could, with whatever nails I felt were sustainable in my lifestyle.

My guitar is an old, used/inexpensive Yamaha G-50A.

If I make good progress in the next few months, I might try to secure a better guitar. I've done a tiny bit of gathering recommendations on appropriate guitars. Perhaps a Cordoba C7 - C12 range? Or a Solista? Or Yamaha GC12 - GC32 range?
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Beginner. Yamaha G-50A. Connecticut, USA

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Erik Zurcher
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Re: Hi from Jason, beginner player in Connecticut, USA

Post by Erik Zurcher » Thu Jan 24, 2019 6:14 pm

Hello Jason and welcome to Delcamp forum! Enjoy yourself and see you around!

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