Greetings All, from the Bluegrass State of Kentucky!

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Greetings All, from the Bluegrass State of Kentucky!

Post by Loren27 » Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:24 am

Hi guys and gals,

My name is Loren -- and I'm a guitar player from Kentucky. I'm mostly a steel-string player, but I recently bought a Cordoba C12 nylon-string guitar, which has a nice tone, and I am almost ready to post my performances of a couple of easy pieces. (Well, not that easy!) I do wish I'd begun learning classical guitar earlier, but we'll see how it goes. :D If I never learn more than "Lagrima," I'll die a happy man.

I began playing guitar as a teen and by the time I was 20, I was so in love with guitar, and so hungry to learn, that for three or four years I probably played twelve hours or more a day. For me, initially, it was about playing fiddle tunes with a flatpick, and folk-style fingerpicking, with some jazz/swing stuff tossed in for good measure. I live in the mountains of Kentucky, and there are no good teachers close by, that I know of. So I taught myself, with a nod to Homespun Tapes and others, and I suppose I'm a "fair" player -- I hope I play in time and in tune and with at least a bit of expression.

I've looked around the forum here. My impression is that it's an extraordinarily friendly, helpful forum. I'm eager to get started here, especially to posting playing and - I hope - getting some constructive criticism, and to giving you guys the same.

Your 59-year-old new friend,
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Re: Greetings All, from the Bluegrass State of Kentucky!

Post by George Crocket » Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:28 am

Hi Loren. Welcome to the forum. It will be great to hear some of your recordings. :casque:

But first, please have a look at our welcome page for more information about the forum and its rules. Once you have posted a second message you will be able to access all the mp3 files and videos in our recording sections, all the members' scores and levels 1 - 3 of the Delcamp score collection, and post your own scores and recordings. After 20 posts you may subscribe to the 020 usergroup with associated membership privileges including access to the higher levels of sheet music in Delcamp's library (see here).

It is helpful if members include their location in their Profile - click on your username and edit.

Enjoy your visits.
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Re: Greetings All, from the Bluegrass State of Kentucky!

Post by Todd Tipton » Tue Sep 24, 2019 6:24 pm

Hello there! When you make it to Lexington, Dieter Hennings at University of Kentucky is someone worth checking out. I believe he is also bringing in other guitarists to the area. It is certainly worth checking out. Dennis Davis at Eastern Kentucky University also has some things going on. Depending on where you live; Boon N.C. might be an easy weekend getaway for you. Doug James at Appalachian State University has an annual guitar festival every spring. Every summer in Cincinnati, Clare Callahan still has the guitar workshops every summer with a handful of good participating faculty. It is a very beginner friendly environment and gives participants the opportunity for, not only fellowship, but to really get in the trenches with level appropriate work.

Happy practicing!
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