How To Write A Great Introductory Post


How To Write A Great Introductory Post

Post by Evelyn » Fri Aug 28, 2009 9:56 pm

How To Write A Great Introductory Post

Greetings to all prospective new members of Delcamp! We are glad that you wish to join our community of Classical Guitar players and Luthiers, and we'd like to help you get the best possible start on the Forum. Many new members of Delcamp have never joined this type of Forum before. We would like to help make your experience a positive one, because we hope to see all of our new members contribute and take part in our great community.

Your "Introductory Post"

Your first post is important; for this reason we suggest that you title it in a manner similar to the following: "Greetings from New York" or "Hello from London" or "Learning Guitar in Sydney". We feel it is useful to state where you live in the title of the thread. In this way, our more established members can easily find you and welcome you, and help with language issues if English is not your first language. Many members like to find new arrivals to the Forum that come from their own corner of the world. Of course, if you feel uneasy about revealing your location, it is possible to be a bit more general, as in "Hello from the State of California". Please also consider adding your location to your Profile.

What should the Post say?

Your message is up to you! However, we do have some suggestions. Delcamp members are curious about you! It is exciting to "meet" people from all over the world who share one's own passion. In this light, it is recommended to include information such as:

1) Do you play guitar? Are you a lover of guitar music, but don't play yourself? Are you a Luthier?
2) How long have you played? What is your experience? How old (young) were you when you started? Or did you just start last week?
3) Do you take lessons? Or are you self-taught? Are you a teacher of Classical Guitar?
4) Did you start with another type of guitar or musical instrument, and then discover the Classical Guitar?
5) What type of music are you particularly interested in? What pieces are you currently working on?
6) Do you have a large gap in your life when you stopped playing the guitar?
7) And so on! Anything that you wish to share with us will be much appreciated.

Now... about names. Many people at Delcamp have made the decision to share our names with each other. This is entirely up to you, of course! You may wish to begin anonymously, and then begin to sign your posts with your real name (or part of it) at some time. Or you may wish to share it from the beginning. You may find that sharing experiences, and reading of others' experiences is richer when you aren't writing a heart-felt response to "AWX239". Please keep in mind that the Delcamp forums are regularly indexed by Google and other major search engines. If you choose to use your full real name, it will show up in the search engines.

Also... about those little yellow smiley faces. They are called "Emoticons" or "Smilies", and they are very useful (as well as being rather cute. They do grow on one!) We have found that the judicious use of Emoticons is very helpful in communicating in our written form, and that they help to convey a person's intent. A joke is often followed by a :lol: , something mildly embarassing may be followed by a :oops: . Something as simple as using Smilies can help in avoiding misunderstandings between members. :chaud:

How to post your first message:

Start here and click on the white "New Topic" button near the top left of the page, and type in a subject and text. The "Subject" will be the title of your Introduction. If you want to use a Smiley, position the cursor where you want it to appear and click on the one you want in the panel on the right, which will insert the appropriate code into your message. When you've finished your message, click on "Preview" and scroll up to check that it looks OK. If not, go back down to the edit window, make the necessary changes, and try again. When it's finished, click on "Submit". If this is your first post, you may need to wait for a while before it appears.

Thank you for reading these suggestions! We do hope to see each and every one of you around the Forum.

The Moderator Team

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