US $.4600 Yulong Guo cedar 2013, Grand Rapids, MI


US $.4600 Yulong Guo cedar 2013, Grand Rapids, MI

Post by Jny6strng » Sat Mar 16, 2013 3:58 pm

- Type / luthier: Classical / Yulong Guo (Chinese Luthier)
- Year of construction: 2013
- Scale length (mm): 650mm
- Top: Cedar Double Top
- Back / Sides: Indian Rosewood
- Fingerboard / (bridge) (armrest): ebony
- Sound: A loud, colorful, and balanced instrument
- Condition: New
- Price: US $4600
- Viewing / trial possible: Yes
- Location (nearest city): Grand Rapids

Yulong Guo is China's number one guitar luthier and he has been building and inovating guitars for a very long time. His Chamber Concert Double-Top model is his claim to fame and can be built with the option of either cedar or spruce for the top. The double top is constructed with a nomex lattice structure sandwiched between two thin layers of solid wood. Mr. Guo's lattice bracing system is used on both his Cedar and the Spruce top. The sound is exceptional and Mr. Guo has spared nothing.

The bridge:
A very slender ebony bridge that is hollowed out on the sides to maximize resonance with the top. There are also 12 tie holes drilled to keep the string angle from the tie post to the bone, thus eliminating the need for tie beads.

The top:
A cedar double top with a lattice structure between the two thin layers of wood, in this case cedar. This makes for a very strong and thin top allowing it to resonate properly, but maintaining the necessary strength to hold the tension of the strings. The top is also braced with a light lattice bracing system for further support.

Please view photos and videos at Jonathan Marshall Guitars.

May you be blessed and play infinitely


Re: US $.4600 Yulong Guo Cedar 2013, Grand Rapids, MI

Post by dsung730 » Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:46 am

I live in Grand Rapids. I have seen guitars from this luthier offered a few times on e - b a y and was wondering about the sound. I am ready to buy but I was wondering whether I could see and play the guitar. Please let me know. David


Re: US $.4600 Yulong Guo Cedar 2013, Grand Rapids, MI

Post by Jny6strng » Fri Dec 20, 2013 9:28 pm


I am way late on responding to you, and you're welcome to call me anytime to set up an appointment to play some guitars. I,m on the web:
Just search for Jonathan Marshall Guitars


Re: US $.4600 Yulong Guo Cedar 2013, Grand Rapids, MI

Post by DeathEvil » Sat May 03, 2014 6:58 pm

Do you know what strings Yulong puts on these?

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