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Welcome to the classical guitar forum. This forum is entirely free. To make use of its resources, you need to register and then post a message of introduction following your registration. The accounts of new users who have not introduced themselves within a few hours of registering are deleted, and they will need to register again. Usernames should not be company names. To remain a member you need to post at least one message per month and log in to the forum at least once per year. The accounts of members who have not visited the forum for more than a year are deleted on January 1st and July 1st.
Once your first two messages have been approved, you will be entitled to download thousands of scores, MP3s and videos, and you will have the opportunity of following free guitar lessons leading up to an end-of-year exam. Members are required to respect the rules and procedures for participation in the forum.
Whether you are an amateur guitarist, an eternal beginner or a professional, you will find friendliness, competence and a wide range of resources here.
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How To Participate in the Forum

Post by Jean-François Delcamp » Sun Oct 09, 2005 8:10 am

How To Participate in the Forum

How to register for the forum
Registering with the forum is easy, you just need to fill in 5 fields:
- User Name
- Email address
- Password
- Confirmation of password
- And to answer a question (this question helps prevent automated form submissions by spambots).

Then you can login to the forum with your username and password.
To validate your registration, you need to participate in the forum by posting a message introducing yourself within hours of your registration, and then post at least one message per month on average after that.

Approval of initial messages of new members
When you post your first messages on the forum, they stay in a waiting area until approved by a moderator. This procedure allows us to filter out spam and all sorts of messages which have nothing to do with the classical guitar. Generally the delay will range from a few hours to a few days, depending on the availability of moderators. Once this initial stage is over, all your future messages will appear without any delay.

Validity of Forum subscription
In order to confirm your subscription, you have to post one message. The accounts of people who have not posted a message within 5 days after subscription are considered abandoned and are removed. As soon as you have posted your first message, your account is valid and you are considered a member of the forum. The accounts of members whose message total is less than the number of months since their registration will be deleted from the forum. For example, the accounts of those who have been members for 6 months but only posted 5 messages will be deleted. To keep your accounts active on the other forums, (fr, it, es), don't forget to post a message in the English mini-forums, at least once every month on average, as above.

What to do in the event of difficulty
If you have trouble registering for the forum, or have difficulty sending a message: please read the FAQs first.
Please do not contact the administrators or moderators for help by private messages or mails as you will not receive any answer. Your queries should be asked through the forum: "Your messages to the site administrator"

To remove your forum user account
- Login with your user name and your password
- then post a message in the section “Your messages to the site administrator” asking for your user account to be removed.

To change your e-mail address
- Login with your user name and your password then
go to your profile from the User Control Panel and change the information.

If you lose your password
Register again with a new account. Since forum emails are disabled, it is not possible to recover a lost password.

To download the scores, MP3 and video files
To download the scores, on-line lessons, audio and video files from one of the forums (English, French, Italian or Spanish), please read its rules and terms of use and then register for that forum. Participate in the life of the forum by posting your first messages and then apply via your User Control Panel for any relevant usergroup. Once your application has been approved, you have the following rights:
• New members who have had 2 messages approved by the moderators can download levels 1 to 3 of the scores, as well as MP3s, videos and on-line lessons.
• Members of the "020 posted messages" group can download level 1 to 12 scores, the MP3s, videos and on-line lessons.

To download the MP3s, videos and on-line courses from the forums whose language you do not speak
You can post your messages in the mini-forums (illustrated by the little flags) if you do not speak the main language. After your first two messages have been approved, you will be able to download the files. If you have enjoyed a particular MP3 or video, please inform the author. A "bravo" is understood in many languages and always pleases. documents terms of use
You must agree to respect copyright and performing rights. Copyright protects works of living composers and of composers who have been deceased for less than 70 years. Works fall into the public domain 70 years after the death of their composers. The printed scores fall into the public domain 85 years after their publication. Performing rights protect their recordings for 50 years from the date of the performance or from the date the recording was made public.

You must agree to conform to the conditions of use of’s documents.
Scores, online guitar lessons, audio and/or video documents found on are free and royalty free and may be used for non-commercial and personal use. You are not authorized to distribute any copies of any of the above mentioned, in either native or converted format. As long as you are a guitar teacher and registered on's forums, you are authorized to give away printed copies of scores to students who do not have internet access. The support you provide to our forums' users compensates for these free scores. As soon you cease to participate in the forum(s) and so cease helping members, you must stop using documents.

Once your subscription is submitted, you have 5 days in which to post your first message on this forum; after this time elapses your account will be removed. In this case, do not worry, register again and post your first message.

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