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Welcome to the classical guitar forum. This forum is entirely free. To make use of its resources, you need to register and then post a message of introduction following your registration. The accounts of new users who have not introduced themselves within a few hours of registering are deleted, and they will need to register again. Usernames should not be company names. To remain a member you need to post at least one message per month and log in to the forum at least once per year. The accounts of members who have not visited the forum for more than a year are deleted on January 1st and July 1st.
Once your first two messages have been approved, you will be entitled to download thousands of scores, MP3s and videos, and you will have the opportunity of following free guitar lessons leading up to an end-of-year exam. Members are required to respect the rules and procedures for participation in the forum.
Whether you are an amateur guitarist, an eternal beginner or a professional, you will find friendliness, competence and a wide range of resources here.
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II Rules of Behavior, messages, avatar, signature

Post by Jean-François Delcamp » Sun Oct 09, 2005 8:11 am

II Rules of Behavior, messages, avatar, signature

The Delcamp.net forum provides firm guidelines in order to ensure high quality and a fruitful exchange of views

Content of messages
• Do not give your email address or telephone number in your public posts, only communicate them by private message. Email addresses and telephone numbers will be deleted by the moderators.
• All messages, other than within the International Forum, must be written in English or be accompanied by an English translation.
• You should not misuse capital letters, which should only be used at the beginning of a sentence or for a name. Do not use text language, exaggerated repetitions of characters and/or words, or of smilies. The moderators will modify or remove incomprehensible messages, and may remove without notice short messages posted in succession purely for purposes of increasing the post count.
• Do not post the same message twice. Moderators will remove duplicated posts without notice.
• Any message whose content is deemed offensive, racist, sexist, impolite, or illegal (as defined by French law and of that of your country) will be edited/erased.
• Regrettably we cannot accept messages soliciting charitable donations, as the forum has no way of guaranteeing which are genuine.
• No items may be offered for sale on the forum, with the exception of classical guitars and related instruments, which may be offered in the "Classical Guitar for Sale" subforum in accordance with the conditions laid down there, and classical guitar accessories which may be offered in the associated subforum.
• In order to provide optimal navigation, you are strongly advised to limit the size of images included in your messages, to a width of less than 1200 pixels. Attached images exceeding 1200 pixels wide and 3000 high will be presented as a link.
• Titling your message: the search engine of the forum uses the titles of the subjects. Please use carefully worded titles, i.e. titles which indicate the nature of the post and which help users of the search engine to find the answers to their questions. When you ask a question, give it a subject title corresponding to the topic of your message or question. It is inadvisable to write, for instance: “URGENT", "HELP", or "???". The subject matter of the post should be apparent to all from its title.
• Please read the descriptions of the forums and post your message in the suitable forum. Also, please use the search function, and/or read the stickies and announcements before posting your message.

• The image used for the avatar (user photo or image) must be between 60 and 80 pixels in both width and height and less than 5 KB in size. Many standard image handling applications will allow resizing of images; the jpg format is suitable for small images. If no suitable application is available an internet search for 'free image resizing' will bring up numerous online options. Animated avatars are not permitted.
• It is essential not to use the same avatar as another member.
• Given that the rules concerning content also apply to the avatars, any offensive avatars, or avatars containing political or religious references, will be removed.

• The text should not exceed 255 characters including spaces. Do not use an URL in your signature.
Do not place any URLs in your signature; your Internet site is provided for in your profile, so it will be attached below your avatar in each of your messages.
• Given that the rules concerning content also apply to signatures, any offensive signatures, or signatures containing political or religious references, will be removed.

Publicity is authorised on the following conditions:
• The use of private messaging as an advertising medium is completely prohibited.
• There is a sub-forum intended for members to promote their activities (see below, V Members announcements of their own activities, concerts, courses, CDs, publications, and websites). In this specific forum you can open a thread in your name to promote professional activities, with unlimited posts. This opportunity is given on condition that you take part in forum discussions.
• If a member is only present in the forum for self promotion or for the promotion of groups associated with that member, the administrator can choose to remove the publicity material. If, after he has been warned by private message or email, the member continues to engage only in self promotion, the administrator can choose to suspend the account of the member without notice.

• Any member who does not get along with another member for one reason or another is requested to settle the disagreement in private or by mail, and not on the forum.

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