X Downloading scores, MP3s and videos

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Welcome to the classical guitar forum. This forum is entirely free. To make use of its resources, you need to register and then post a message of introduction following your registration. The accounts of new users who have not introduced themselves within a few hours of registering are deleted, and they will need to register again. Usernames should not be company names. To remain a member you need to post at least one message per month and log in to the forum at least once per year. The accounts of members who have not visited the forum for more than a year are deleted on January 1st and July 1st.
Once your first two messages have been approved, you will be entitled to download thousands of scores, MP3s and videos, and you will have the opportunity of following free guitar lessons leading up to an end-of-year exam. Members are required to respect the rules and procedures for participation in the forum.
Whether you are an amateur guitarist, an eternal beginner or a professional, you will find friendliness, competence and a wide range of resources here.
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X Downloading scores, MP3s and videos

Post by Jean-François Delcamp » Fri Oct 28, 2005 9:47 am

X Downloading scores, MP3s, and videos

To download the scores, MP3 and video files
To download the scores, on-line lessons, audio and video files from one of the forums (English, French, Italian or Spanish), please read its rules and terms of use and then register for that forum. Participate in the life of the forum by posting your first messages and in due course apply via your User Control Panel for any relevant usergroup.
• New members who have had 2 messages approved by the moderators can download levels 1 to 3 of the scores, as well as MP3s, videos and on-line lessons.
• Members of the "020 posted messages" group can download levels 1 to 12 of the scores, as well as MP3s, videos and on-line lessons.

To download the MP3s, videos and on-line lessons from the forums whose language you do not speak
Delcamp.net comprises four forums in different languages, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Each is independent of the others, and registering on any forum gives access to that forum only. Apart from the Delcamp score libraries, all scores, MP3s, videos and on-line lessons are specific to a particular forum, so that an MP3 on the Italian forum, for instance, will only be found on that forum. To take full advantage of all the available resources, you can register separately on all four forums.

The French, Italian and Spanish forums all have an an international section including an English mini-forum (illustrated by the little national flags about half way down the main index page), where you can post messages in English in order to qualify to download files on that forum, if you do not speak the main language. If you have enjoyed a particular MP3 or video, please inform the poster. A "bravo" is understood in many languages and always pleases.

I need help to moderate these mini-forums. Please contact me in French either by private message or in the forum "vos messages à l'administrateur du forum" in the FR forum if you speak French along with any other language such as English, Italian or Spanish. You can also help by signing up to the translators group in the FR forum.

If you need help in regards to signing up or the use of a forum, you will find the most current answers in the FAQ section.

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