D03 Classical guitar lesson 08

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Re: D03 Classical guitar lesson 08

Post by EmmanuelVankerschaver » Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:59 am

Hi George,

respect my man !

I humbly submit my own work here. On a rainy Sunday afternoon (finally !!!) in Silicon Valley I got 'exiled' to the bedroom of the children yesterday...
I didn't check the recording quality immediately and as I was splitting the recording into parts this evening, I discovered the birds outside the window enjoyed the cool breeze so much they were singing louder than me playing :oops: It does balance for our cat whining during my son's recording in D01 :P

Hope you all have good amplifiers to hear anything ...

Here we go first with the Waltz:


followed by the most silent rendition of Chords #44 ever :


and finally Chords #45:



Dave Konings

Re: D03 Classical guitar lesson 08

Post by Dave Konings » Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:24 am

Hi all,

Just joined up this forum and sounds like a great opportunity to join up for some classes. Not sure if I should start right at the beginning or join in at a level that seems more challenging, also not really sure how I join a class, don't really want to take any short cuts but don't want to get too bored with covering old ground. After looking through some of the forums I thought this seems the level that I want to aim at.

I thought I'd have a go at Valse as was uploaded by George on this forum. I've still got quite a few mistakes in the piece. It's uncanny how every time the video is recording mistakes tend to be made.....

Would love to join a class if possible.



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Re: D03 Classical guitar lesson 08

Post by GeoffB » Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:06 pm

Hi Dave,

You can join classes if you wish, but you need to fulfil the conditions for doing so, which you'll find here. As explained there, you would need to request a username change, publicize the lessons in some way, and apply to join the students group. Then you would have to start from lesson 1 of whichever level you choose and work your way through - I'm afraid you're not supposed to jump in at a later lesson.

You have three options really -

You can join now, and work your way through from lesson 1 of your chosen level, as I said, while the lessons are still available (until September); after September you can sign up for the next session, either at a different level or at the same level if you haven't finished it by then and wish to do so, but in that case you'd need to start it again from lesson 1.

Or you can wait and join up with the new intake in the next repeat of the lessons, from September onwards.

Or you can work through the lessons in any way you like but without actively participating. The lessons are accessible to all, and you only need to bother with the conditions if you want to actively join in. You can learn a lot from reading the lessons and the students' discussions and watching the videos, though of course you miss out on feedback. Then you can join up in September if you wish, having had a head start.

As you're not yet in the Students group (and have skipped the first 7 lessons! :wink: ), I had to remove the video (sorry), but if you would like feedback on it you could repost it in the Our recordings of Romantic and Modern music section of the main forum. You can find guidance on the correct title format here (for this piece it would be: "Anon.; Valse en sol majeur - D03 Video"). You can see several other submissions of the same piece on this page (part of an alphabetical sort of that subforum).

Best wishes,

Classical Guitar Forum.

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Marian Kmet

Re: D03 Classical guitar lesson 08

Post by Marian Kmet » Sat Apr 26, 2014 9:14 pm

Good evening everyone,

here are my recordings for lesson #8, probably the last before final exams.

- page 99 Jean-François DELCAMP (1956) ACCORDS

- pages 66-67 ANONYME (ca. 1860) VALSE

Thanks for your comments and critique

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Satyajit Kadle
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Re: D03 Classical guitar lesson 08

Post by Satyajit Kadle » Tue May 06, 2014 12:01 pm

Hi Marian, Please take a look at the chord notes for the first one. I think you're playing a wrong sequence. For the 2nd bar, the notes are F natural, A and D.

Valse is very nice. Good luck with the exam!

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