Greatest lame duck thread ever?

Talk about things that are not necessarily related to music or the guitar.
R. Aguirre
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Re: Greatest lame duck thread ever?

Post by R. Aguirre » Mon Jan 21, 2019 4:52 am

It’s a bit difficult to compare strings without a fairly scientific approach, eh? Very subjective and variable based on one’s experience and personal interpretation of string properties. Funny though, I find myself after the same thought as you. Though my experience is VERY limited, I have as a goal to pay a bit more attention to the details of my CG, now that I have moved from just banging along on an old, poor sounding acoustic guitar.

I just purchased a set of Sevilla Strings today and am contemplating whether to replace the full set of Ramirez Medium tension strings which I have on now (less the dearly departed ‘D’, of course), or to swap them one at a time as I have heard others do, and pay a bit more attention to the differences. Of course, even this approach is flawed as I’ll be comparing old to fresh, but perhaps after playing then awhile a sense of the differences will become apparent.

The Sevilla’s are medium tension silvered copper wrap with ‘EMP’ coating, and the Ramirez are the same construction with proprietary Ramirez coating. I may not be a font of knowledge but I’ll do my best for your neglected thread.

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Re: Greatest lame duck thread ever?

Post by Smith » Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:44 am

I recall the OP when it came out, nice topic I thought, then oh no, a list! Even now I can’t read the entire list. I’ve seen too too many top ten this or that lists I just can’t handle any more. Sorry.

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Re: Greatest lame duck thread ever?

Post by David Gutowski » Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:21 am

Smith wrote:
Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:44 am
I’ve seen too too many top ten this or that lists I just can’t handle any more.
At the risk of being personal, and I'm not trying to be, but may be more out of self help or just my own analysis of the fellow human condition: why are you troubled by "lists"? And I'm also not trying to answer the question but do you view "list" as a restraint or some sort of restriction on your freedom? Do you feel uncomfortable with other people deciding what should go on a list or are you feeling like how can someone else tell you what is appropriate to go on a list?

Have you considered the possibility that a list is a good way to compartmentalize data or just help you stay organized; kind of putting a handle on things for better, more complete understanding. I'm not sure we could do without lists. There's a list for everything or if not you could/should make up your own list. For example, you could have a list in your mind or written on what the first thing you plan on doing in the morning, what you're having for lunch, when how and what you plan to practice on guitar. Did you make up the shopping list; do you plan on going shopping; have you got everything for the afternoon work out or walk in the park. It's endless but list are necessary to stay organized so we can live better and understand things more completely.

There were a few times I went to the hardware store, got everything I needed, checked out and realized I'd forgotten my wallet. I smiled at the register girl but she still said I would have to pay. Now I make a mental list of everything I need when/before I leave the house. The hardware store is 18 miles away and it was a good thing I was chewing gum because I think it helped me stay calm. Who else could I get mad at...very disturbing. But now I make a "LIST."

Maybe you think the government has us on a list. We could be you know; especially if they're watching us. Maybe I'll quit when I'm ahead. But list are a good thing. It's always helpful to stay informed and educated about what's going on around us.

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