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Re: smart phone:dumb phone ... suggestions?

Post by RJVB » Fri Jul 05, 2019 9:28 am

Hmm, I have 2 old Motorola flip phones I use for travelling and/or when I need an additional SIM here in France (one has long held my mom's Dutch SIM card to help with the remote care-taking I do for her). I find it more practical as I don't have to wonder about context when the phone rings (in the short time I'll have between digging it out and hitting the accept button before the voice mail answers). That includes not accidentally taking a call I'll have to pay for when I'm abroad.

I've long used an iPhone 4S which I've kept under iOS 6 (I have a replacement 4S that came with 7 on it so I know how unusable they become with the supported latest iOS). Last year I had some money to spend on a new phone, so got myself a recent, refurbised iPhone SE. It's good but not the same build quality as the older iPhones (but certainly no cast-away) and would probably just run a single day if I actually made lots of calls with it (and that's with most of the supposedly smart features turned off).

I never really was an Apple fanboy but still wouldn't buy Sumsang, even if I never heard of people having theirs bricked or otherwise break down on them. Overly expensive cast-away electronics if you ask me, like the majority of Android phones that will not receive the years of OS support and upgrades Apple give.

My wife bought a 90€ Moto E4 a year ago, it seems to be pretty good. She'd have gone for the slightly smaller Nokia but the documentation suggested it only supported 4G which is nearly inexistant where we live. I can't remember the exact model (probably no longer sold anyway) but I see most of their current phones are dual-sim, and the 5.1 Plus will apparently get 2y of OS upgrades and 3 years of security upgrades. Not sure how much better-than-average that is.

FWIW, I'm not entirely certain if Nokia are still who they were (or bought); Motorola on the other hand have been bought by Lenovo. That's something to consider to in my book; aside buying as locally as possible there's also the fact that a "smart" phone will probably become a very private assistant, and I wouldn't like to trust my personal things to something designed by a company from a country that has very different ideas about private and personal (so no Huawei phone for me either, for instance).
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