Celebrating Tea

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Celebrating Tea

Post by Gorn » Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:49 pm

I wonder, if there are some more tea lovers on this forum and how THEY do prepare tea. Do you have special habits, times, devices etc.? I'm talking of Camellia sinensis-leaves, only and NOT of infusions from any other herb, flower, tree, shrub or whatever. I'm entirely puristic on that topic. No additional spices or flavours. Call me a pigheaded mule and I'll agree.
I drink one pot = 3 pints = 1.7 l of black tea every morning since more than two decades. I heat up 1.7 l of chalk-free*) tap water, which is exactly the capacity of the kettle. I hang a stainless-steel mesh into a 1.7-l-pot (an old German coffee pot from the 60's) and put either 4 spoonful of Darjeeling Second Flush, Assam or 6 spoonful of Azores black tea "Pekoe". The weight of the leaves is approximately the same, but the volume is different. The dried Azorean leaves are bigger, that's why the same amount needs more space. The plantation and factory, by the way, is right around the corner, 10 minutes to go by car. I've heard a rumour that they started first experiments to make Oolong...I'm agog to try it!
The timer will be set to 3 minutes, I start it and pour boiling water over the leaves. As soon as it beeps, I take the mesh out. The leaves go to the compost pile.
Thereafter, I'll fill a 0,6 l cup (one of those french cups into which you can entirely drop a croissant) with tea and sit outside with a book, the cup, reading glasses and the pot for at least one hour. If there's rain, I occupy the living room's sofa. No sugar, milk or any other additives, no eating, no talking, just reading and hearing the birds. In former times, when I still had to work in an office, I used to watch TV news while waiting for the tea to cool down. I even got up an hour earlier to have enough time for my tea. Now I get up when I wake up and simply don't do anything else before I've finished my daily tea celebration.
I sometimes like green tea in the afternoon as well, but usu. only one liter. It's - of course - Azorean green tea. It tastes similar to Bencha. The water has to cool down for 7 minutes after boiling, 3 minutes steeping time. I use refillable teabags instead of the mesh, because the second brew on the next day will even be better than the first one. Green tea is always accompanied by cakes or cookies. I like espresso as well after lunch and in the afternoon (= plus cake or cookies), but always without sugar, milk or anything else in it.

*) when I once lived in Munich, Germany I filtered the water. Now, on the Azores, there's no chalk at all, because the islands are simply too young for that stuff.

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Re: Celebrating Tea

Post by Mollbarre » Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:59 pm

While I tend to default to coffee - I also drink tea.

Boil kettle - pour boiling water (R/O) over tea bag or steeper...dip until desired strength. Drink black.

I'm sure that makes me totally uncouth. :mrgreen:

My go to is Jiaogulan and I like rooibos, pu ehr and chamomile. Green tea and Earl Grey also make the list...
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Andrew Pohlman
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Re: Celebrating Tea

Post by Andrew Pohlman » Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:21 pm

"Tea is art, and life."

I used to be a tea purist. My go to teas were English, Irish, and Scottish Breakfast, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Jin Hou. But I really enjoy the "adulterated" blends now. I love cinnamon, gingerbread, Earl Grey, cherry, apricot, cranberry.

My go to at work: Earl Grey with setvia sweetener - no milk.
My go to at home: cinnamon with milk - no sweetener

My grandmother was a tasseographer. I thought about learning to read tea leaves like my grandmother before me. But the modern ways of making tea result in no leaves in the cup. At least, that is considered undesirable.

Coffee? I am still a coffee purist - but that was a different thread. :D
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Robert Rogers
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Re: Celebrating Tea

Post by Robert Rogers » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:51 am

To my mind there are few things in life as satisfying as a good cup of tea. My preference is Assam, but lately I've been drinking a Scottish breakfast blend of Assam, Ceylon and China black teas, from a tea purveyor in Massachusetts. I add a splash of evaporated milk and sweeten with Stevia.

I rarely drink that other caffeine-laden liquid whose name escapes me at the moment.

Rick Hutt
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Re: Celebrating Tea

Post by Rick Hutt » Fri Jul 19, 2019 1:52 pm

"I love coffee, I love tea, I love the java jive and it loves me" (Great old song). Coffee in the morning, an espresso later in the morning, Irish afternoon tea in the afternoon and my absolute favorite tea, especially during colder months is lapsang souchon. Amazing flavor.
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Dirck Nagy
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Re: Celebrating Tea

Post by Dirck Nagy » Fri Jul 19, 2019 3:21 pm

Tea in the morning, tea in the evening, tea at supper time,
You get tea when it's raining, tea when it's snowing,
Tea when the weather is fine,
Take tea as a mid-day stimulant,
Tea with your afternoon tea,
For any disease or misfortune,
For Chrissakes, have a cuppa tea!

Dirck Nagy
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Re: Celebrating Tea

Post by Dirck Nagy » Fri Jul 19, 2019 3:24 pm

Coffee when I wake up; Tea for the rest of the day. (I work nights, and always have a full teacup)

Coffee for me is a ritual. I like to take my time with it, and drinking it by default during the day ruins the experience.

But I can drink tea all day.

At work, I have a simple tea infuser, and use a single pinch of tea leaves throught the day.

Flavored teas never did it for me...I usually have it unadulterated, unless its in a Thermos for drinking outdoors in the winter; in that case, i put sugar in it. On a camping trip, I might add powdered milk as well.

Darjeeling and Oolong teas are my favorites. I also sometimes have Lapsang Souchong, but couldn't drink it all the time.

I usually buy in bulk and use it sparingly, a pound of tea might last a year or so. Right now, I'm working on a bag of Simpson & Vail Margaret's Hope Estate Darjeeling and a bag of their Formosa Oolong.


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Re: Celebrating Tea

Post by dory » Fri Jul 19, 2019 3:26 pm

I prefer tea to coffee. My husband just bought a very expensive espresso machineand I am quite sad to be drinking coffee in the morning instead of my usual tea. I can’t yet break his heart by refusing the coffee. The machine is too new. I would rather not have it. Poor me— right? An expensive espresso machine ( it was expensive second hand— I can only imagine how much new)and here I am complaining!

Andrew Pohlman
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Re: Celebrating Tea

Post by Andrew Pohlman » Fri Jul 19, 2019 6:51 pm

A number of us are saying we drink coffee in the morning, then tea after that. I get it. Coffee is like the ride up the initial ramp to the start of the roller coaster ride. People don't usually sip coffee, it gets slammed down in preparation for that roller coaster ride at work. Some people sip, of course. But for many people in my workplace orbit, it's a triple carmellato frappeano latte thing with 5K calories that happens to have a component of coffee in it. :D

But tea? Do you realize that most people deep breath while sipping their tea? This makes the tea experience meditative in nature. Deep breathing and focus on the singular experience of tea flavors. It sets up a most positive frame of mind that is calming and yet brings energy, clarity and focus.

I repeat from above: tea is art and life.
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Re: Celebrating Tea

Post by MichaelT » Tue Aug 06, 2019 7:37 pm

A cup of coffee in the morning, then tea at midafternoon or later. It's definitely a mini-ritual, taking a pause to mentally detach from whatever is going on and just enjoy the tea.

For whatever reason I prefer Chinese black or green tea. I have a wonderful Yunnan Gold and absolutely delightful Emperor's Dragonwell that are my go-to teas. When fall arrives I'll buy some pu-erh and (gasp!) lapsang souchong for those deep, earthy, fall flavors.

Not a fan of infusions, tisanes, or any flavored tea. Just give me the natural leaves, straight up.

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