string tension react to luthier guitar making?

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string tension react to luthier guitar making?

Post by philippineguitar » Fri Oct 02, 2009 3:31 pm

Somehow the savarez normal tension strings feel loose on my guitar (Armando Derecho-very good Philippine Luthier, solid cedar top, indian rosewood, gotoh 'chine heads, etc.)

I wonder if putting hard tension strings would "feel" as if i was playing normal tension strings. I like how string resistance feels (but no too hard) on my fingers, not used to playing rubber bands (i'm exaggerating).

What would you guys suggest? thanks :merci:

Tal Blaiser

Re: string tension react to luthier guitar making?

Post by Tal Blaiser » Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:48 pm

I only use yamaha NS110 for my CG, I've tried using hard tension string on my Lumanog CG before, it was a gift from a friend, they said it would add more volume and tone to my guitar, well it was nice and it felt good, almost like playing my acoustic metal string guitar... but didn't last long, it ripped the bridge off the top. I can't remember the brand but it cost about 1000 pesos.

I think it is best to ask Mr.Armando before trying it, I believe some guitars aren't build to hold hard tension strings, and he might suggest some brand that is best suited for the guitars he made.

Say! mind if I request some recording? even if it's just the sound, I always hear about the Derecho guitar but never had tried it or hear it played before. :)

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