New Classical Guitar Arrangements Available!

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Matthew Stidham

New Classical Guitar Arrangements Available!

Post by Matthew Stidham » Sat Sep 24, 2016 8:04 pm

Today I'm announcing the release of two of my arrangements that I've performed with others many times.

The first is a beautiful guitar trio version of Mozart's Adagio for Glass Harmonica K.356/617a. If you've never heard this gem you're missing out on a beautiful example of Mozart's genius in creating beauty in simplicity. This is a very playable arrangement where all three players get their opportunity with the melody. Comes with a complete score, as well as three individual parts!

http://www.*** Commercial link removed ***/title/ada ... d=11541681

The second was arranged for my wife (an oboist) and I to play in recitals and is a staple of the oboe repertoire, though it also works quite well with flute or violin. Arioso by Joseph-Hector Fiocco is a short piece (only 19 measures in length) but is full of Baroque charm and elegance. The guitar accompaniment is a nice touch to this piece and the combination of oboe and guitar has a pleasing tonal quality.

http://www.*** Commercial link removed ***/title/ari ... d=11547477

Previews of the scores are available on the website. I hope you find these arrangements enjoyable!

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