Jazz for the classical guitarist

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Jazz for the classical guitarist

Post by bergmann » Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:27 pm

Plamen Petrov - a Bulgarian jazz guitarist - have just published his seventh collection of Jazz pieces for the classical guitarists at Bergmann Edition. We publish Petrov's collections as CLEAN without fingerings, EDIT with fingerings, TAB with tablature including a cue seized ordinary score, and finally as a version for tablets and iPads (with fingerings). You can choose between Self-print (pdf) for download or Print on Demand.
The collections are carefully engraved and edited by Milena Valcheva.

This is a rare collection of pieces that can be played as part of a solo concert. It will fit nicely together with the latin American repertoire. The collections could also be used for education; The seven booklets holds a well of harmonic, rhythm and melodic ideas just waiting to be analysed and interpreted.

The collections can be found here:

The seven publications hold almost 50 pieces total - and every single piece can be found on Youtube played by Plamen Petrov himself.

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