New ensemble arrangements of contemporary music

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New ensemble arrangements of contemporary music

Post by Derek Hasted » Mon May 07, 2018 8:49 am

Greetings all!

If this is of no interest, just move on - I don't want to waste your time :-)

Many of you will play in an ensemble or will teach school children in groups.

A crowd-pleaser (a simple piece that a non-guitar audience will know and love) is an important part of programming a successful and memorable concert.

With so much free ensemble music available online, it will seem a bit odd that I'm telling you about some that isn't free. But contemporary (OK, I mean mainly "pop") music is always copyright, and so getting hold of an arrangement for guitar ensemble means either arranging the piece yourself, searching for a pirate copy, or getting hold of an arrangement where the original copyright holder is rewarded (as he should be) by sales of someone else's arrangement.

And so, in a shameless act of self-promotion, I invite you to look at the contemporary pieces I've arranged for guitar ensemble or for flute and guitar. If you buy a download, then it's legal and the original copyright holder is properly paid. And that's why it's not free to get hold of a copy :-)

Have a look at

Best regards
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