Stolen guitars

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Stolen guitars

Post by muirtan » Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:49 pm

I've just come across this on the facebook page of the federation of guitar societies

Ladies and Gentlemen and Guitarists. I feel that this is important enough to post and may get a wider audience

Guitar burglary - the home of guitarist Mitch Callow, in Stirling Road in Chichester, West Sussex was burgled on the morning of September 13th, between 7am and 1pm, of all his guitars including a baroque guitar by Sasha Batov. Please contact if you come across such a guitar in unusual circumstances, or a cache of other guitars.

Please find attached photos of some of the guitars which were stolen. Most importantly the Baroque guitar. Here is also a list of all of instruments taken, please keep an eye and an ear out for them.

Baroque Guitar
Ibanez ST300 (1979)
Freshman with a Bigsby tremolo
Paco Castillo electro acoustic
Rolland AC33 amp
Fender Bass bronco
Acoustic Bass I
Ukulele (spruce top)
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Re: Stolen guitars

Post by Curbfeeler » Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:54 pm

Terrible news, especially this beautiful guitar. I hope he recovers the instruments and my heart goes out to him and wish him swift justice and to be reunited with his treasures. I will be vigilant here in the La La Land.

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