Making the most of your practice time!

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Making the most of your practice time!

Post by nickfallerguitar » Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:15 pm

Hello again guitar friends,

Last week I shared with you a link from a recent blog post. I'm a glad a few of you found it helpful and thought I would share another post, this time on making the most of your precious practice time!

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Where has the time gone?

If you find yourself investing a lot of time in your practice, and not seeing the results you've been searching for, it's time to take a hard look at how you're using your time.

Ask yourself: "Am I REALLY using my time in the most efficient way?" I can't answer this question for you, but you can with a simple little change!

Here's your challenge for the week. Keep a practice log that documents each and every detail of what you're doing in your practice sessions. I like to format it like in the picture below.


Getting specific
Before the session, answer a few questions:

- What are your goals for today's session?
- What are the best actions you can take right now to achieve your goal?
- How much time do you need to make concrete improvement today?

Remember, the more specific you are about your outcome and the actions you can take, the easier it will be to make progress!

Don't worry too much about coming up with a huge list of things to do. Even taking ONE action can bring you closer to your goal, so don't go crazy with worry about what you're supposed to practice - just do SOMETHING!

After the session, evaluate your time. What did you actually do? Remember, specifics are key!

Then, evaluate how effective your actions were in bringing you closer to your goal. If your goal was to improve a single four bar section of the piece you're working on, and you spent an hour mindlessly playing through the whole piece while zoning out in front of the TV, then that probably wasn't an efficient use of your time!

Finally, set yourself up for success tomorrow by asking: "What can I do differently next time to not only bring myself closer to my outcome, but enjoy the process?"

Focus on achieving your goals, but never forget that having fun is the most important thing!
Practice hard,

Nicholas Faller

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