Nick Cutroneo - Live Streaming!

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Nick Cutroneo - Live Streaming!

Post by Nick Cutroneo » Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:15 am

Hey everyone, recently I have re-structured my practice schedule. And in an effort to be more open and continue to build a community with those who enjoy my music, teaching, etc... I will be live streaming all my practice sessions. This month the schedule is a bit "freer" due to me working out the logistics/etc... but here's the typical weekly schedule:

Sunday: 6am-8:30am EST (East Coast USA/NYC Time)
Monday: 6am-8:30am EST; 9am-12:30pm EST
Tuesday: 6am-8:30am EST; 9am-12:30pm EST
Wednesday: 6am-8:30am EST; 9am-12:30pm EST
Thursday: 6am-8:30am EST; 9am-12:30pm EST
Friday: 6am-8:30am EST
Saturday: 6am-8:30am EST; 4pm-7:30 EST

I will be doing this on Twitch which is a website dedicated to live streaming. Feel free to drop on by and hang out, I'll be monitoring the chat frequently as I practice so be sure to drop in and say "hi". Here's the direct link to my channel:

The purpose is to take away the curtain as to what happens during practice (as least mine). You aren't always going to see perfect/pristine playing. You'll see mistakes, you'll see me work through difficult passages, you'll see me struggle and most importantly you'll see me overcome. I hope to see some of you over there! And feel free to follow me on twitch so you get notified when I go live. Thanks for the support everyone and I hope to see you over there!
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